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An Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

An Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of regular wax burns, razor cuts, and scratches? Are you looking for a permanent solution to get rid of unwanted hair? If yes, this post is for you! We are here for you to address all of your concerns and questions in this mini yet ultimate laser hair removal guide. 

This is 2024, and how would you feel if you still followed painful hair removal methods when you have a better choice? For decades, waxing, shaving, and creams have been the typical methods for hair removal. Ironically, all of them only provide short-term solutions even after causing lots of pain, right? 

Now, what if you can eliminate all the pain and, most importantly, the unwanted hair forever? Sounds like a dream? Welcome to the most effective hair removal strategy of the era, Laser hair removal. It is a modern and proven way to achieve a dreamy hair-free body. No matter what particular reason you might have to think of this treatment, you are in the right place, like millions of other people.

So, in this ultimate guide, we will walk through the in-depth details of the laser hair removal treatment. Without further delay, let us delve right in!

The Rising Trend of Laser Hair Removal

Do you know? The market size of Laser hair removal is expected to reach $3.792 billion globally by 2030. It is rising at a 35.4% CAGR (during the forecast period). This intense rise in this industry clearly depicts the undeniable benefits of laser hair removal treatment.

The Rising Trend of Laser Hair Removal
                                                                          Source: Data Bridge Market Research

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

The procedure targets the hair pigment (melanin) in the follicle with a beam of light (laser). Melanin, the colour pigment, absorbs light and converts it into heat energy that further destroys the hair follicles safely in the targeted area. This procedure is very safe, has the highest success rate, and is done by professional aestheticians.

This picture illustrating the process of laser hair removal, showing a laser beam targeting hair follicles on the skin's surface.

Since its discovery, this method has successively been used by professionals on millions of people treating their unwanted hair removal. Also, as it is non-invasive, people feel safe using this on the body. Even on the sensitive body parts, including legs, armpits, upper lips, chin, and even the bikini line.

Preparing for the Best Laser Hair Removal Experience

Are you planning to get laser hair removal treatment in Greenwich, London? We will help you prepare for this! Below are the tips from dermatologists that will increase the treatment’s success rate and ensure safety. Moreover, it will help you smoothen your skin after the session and make it silky like never before! 

How to Prepare for the Best Laser Hair Removal Experience?

Below are 12 prescribed measures one must take for the best laser hair removal experience.

1. Get Some Consultations

Many of you may have sensitive skin conditions, and taking laser sessions can aggravate them. Obviously, skin is not something to take chances on. So, it is advised to consult a dermatologist before starting laser treatment for the best. Are you looking for professional laser hair removal in Greenwich, London? Meridian Spa can be the best place for you! 

Bonus point: Meridian Spa is giving a free consultation!

2. Avoid all Tanning Methods

Before the treatment, it is strictly prohibited to get any sort of tanning treatment. This includes all tanning methods, such as sunbed sessions, sprays, or other applications. Exposure to UV rays or sunlight will increase the pigment level of your skin. That can affect your laser treatment, as laser treatment is all about targeting the pigments in hair follicles. 

Furthermore, getting a tan procedure before the laser treatment will lead to skin burns and discolouration. To avoid such a situation, you should consult a dermatologist. In addition, set a time period before the session when you should start avoiding sunlight. Generally speaking, doctors suggest at least 4 weeks before the treatment. If you have already had any tanning sessions, it is best to wait for this time period.

3. No Waxing or Plucking

Ever wonder why waxing and plucking are prohibited? For the laser hair treatment to work, your follicle must have hair. As such, hair removal treatments remove hair from the follicle, making your laser treatment ineffective. Another drawback of such hair removal methods is that they alter the growth cycle. This hinders laser treatment to destroy the hair follicle at the right stage, which can lead to ineffective hair growth.

4. Clean Target Area Before Treatment

 It is not mandatory for aesthetic treatments. Rather, cleaning your targeted area before any treatment is always the best practice. It is about creating room for the laser light to do its best. Also, it will increase the possibility that every follicle gets its due attention.

5. Exfoliate Target Area

Some professionals have advised that adding exfoliators into the laser prep routine will be beneficial. Exfoliating dead cells off the skin will increase the effectiveness of the laser treatment. 

6. Avoid Caffeine

Just before the laser session, avoiding consuming any form of caffeine is advised as It increases the skin’s sensitivity, leading to skin burns and irritation during the procedure.

7. Avoid Alcohol

The same goes for Alcohol; do not intake alcohol in any quantity before the laser treatment. At Least 24 hours before the treatment, it dehydrates the skin, making it a painful experience during the treatment.

8. Check Your Medications

Dermatologists advise not to take any medication that affects your skin sensitivity level before that treatment, making it more vulnerable to laser projection. These products include topical products containing hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinol. You should start avoiding them at least three days before the treatment. Instead, use gentle cleansers and moisturisers for a smooth procedure.

9. Avoid Any Irritants

Treat your skin kindly and avoid all the irritating serums or creams. Especially before the laser session, avoid all types of irritants, including perfumes, serums, or fragranced lotions that may irritate you.

10. Do Not Bleach

As we have already said, the laser treatment targets the hair pigments in follicles. It is advised to avoid using bleach as it can alter the hair pigment and becomes increasingly difficult for the laser to target melanin.

11. Must Shave Before 24 Hours

For the laser treatment, make sure you have full hair growth and then shave just 24 hours before. It is strongly recommended to not shave on the day of treatment. It effectively helps the laser reach the surface just above the hair follicle, leading to the best results.

12. Wear Breathable Clothes

Wear breathable and comfortable clothes on the day of the laser session. It will reduce the friction and rubbing on the treatment area. Also, after your treatment, it will reduce the pain or discomfort.

Big Day has Arrived: Laser Hair Treatment Process

Are you curious about the laser hair treatment procedure? We will help you experience the whole process verbally here! So you know exactly how it goes further and what precautions experts will take.

Person receiving laser hair treatment in a professional Spa Center.

So, let’s discuss what measurements aestheticians will take before any further delay to ensure a smooth session.

1. Respect the Patient’s Privacy

The first and foremost concern is privacy, which a professional aesthetician at Meridian Spa will always take care of. Even during the session, they only unveil parts they are proceeding with and keep others covered with towels. Or it can also be retreated as you feel like it!

2. Undressing for the Laser Treatment

It depends mostly on where you are getting the laser treatments. For your comfort, wearing a robe is ideal. Also, the aesthetician will provide towels to cover unnecessary areas.

3. Cleanse the Targeted Area

The clinician will cleanse the area before the procedure. It is a mandatory step, as there should not be any makeup ingredients or anything extra on your skin. That might affect your treatment by reacting with the laser beam or hindering the way.

4. Marking Targeted Areas with the White Pen

Ideally, clinicians mark targeted areas with the white pen and ensure no part gets left. Also, if there are any beauty spots you want untouched, they will be covered. The same goes for tattoos if you have any. 

5. Applies Numbing Cream

Before starting the procedure, numbing cream is the first step to minimise the burning effect. However, it is an exception and is not mandatory for laser hair removal treatment. It purely depends on how you feel comfortable.

6. Goggles for Safety

The next crucial step is safety goggles for everyone in the room to protect the eyes. Also, you can lay back and close your eyes if it is more comfortable for you. Just make sure you never look at the laser with naked eyes, as it can be dangerous.

7. Test Check

Your clinician will take the text check first to understand your skin and adjust the settings accordingly. This way, they ensure you feel comfortable and get the optimal results in the end.

8. Your Feedback Matters

Even during the session, your feedback matters! They always encourage you to convey if you feel pain at any point. Moreover, in some areas, your clinician requires your help a bit. They might request you to stay in the position. Furthermore, you are always welcome to ask out and state your concerns right away.

Do’s and Don’ts After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

After getting your laser hair removal session, you have to take care of your skin even more now. As your skin gets sensitive and the laser is working on your follicles, it makes your skin more vulnerable to harsh environments. It is a golden advice to let your skin take its full time and rest enough to yield the best results.

An infographic showing the do's and don'ts after laser hair removal treatment, with images illustrating proper and improper care practices.

Below are some dos and don’ts the dermatologist prescribes that will help you enhance skin healing and minimise risks.

First 24 Hours After Laser Hair Removal

The first 24 hours are very critical for your skin, so make sure to do your best. The aftercare routine is not complicated. Rather, it’s simple to follow for some days after every session. If you have a question about why I have to, the answer is simple. 

Laser hair removal is a simple treatment that requires a little recovery time. Right after the laser treatment, some redness on your skin might fade away within a few hours to days, depending on person to person. The clinical professional will apply Aloe Vera gel right after the session to reduce the burning sensation and redness.

To help you get through this journey easily, below are simple dos and don’ts to take care of:


  • Experts recommend keeping Aloe Vera gel usage for at least the following 2-3 days. You can use as much as you feel, as it is harmless and organic.
  • Try the cold compress on the red areas. It is very helpful to reduce swellings and redness on the skin.
  • Keep your skin very clean! For this purpose, use gentle cleansers.
  • Lastly, try to keep your skin moisturised and use water-based and lightweight moisturisers. They easily absorb into the skin and help your skin heal quickly. 
  • Consult your dermatologist right away if you witness any blisters.


  • Avoid sunlight and heat directly, as they can make you sweat and worsen the laser bumps.
  • Avoid picking, scratching, or shaving the area.
  • Also, avoid hydrocortisone without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not use any cream, serums, or lotions containing retinol, benzoyl peroxide, or irritants in the first week.
  • Do not scrub your skin at least the following week.

Laser Hair Removal for Women Vs. Laser Hair Removal for Men

Okay, up till now, we have discussed all the precautions in general. Now is the time to split it and discuss this for men and women separately. Although there is not much difference, just slight variations of the sessions between the two. Here are the main differences between laser hair removal for men and women.

Comparison of laser hair removal treatment areas for women and men, illustrating differences in target zones and hair density.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal for Women

Men generally have thicker and denser hair growth compared to women due to higher levels of androgens, such as testosterone. They require more sessions! Women have less thick and denser hair. Hence, they require fewer laser sessions to get rid of hair completely.
Due to hormonal differences, men get more visible results after the first session. Due to the hormone factor, women tend to see fewer results after the first session, but it equalises after 2 to 3 sessions.
Men are more outcome-driven. Hence, it may raise their satisfaction after the treatment. Women are more process-oriented. That affects their expectations versus satisfaction with the treatment.
Due to the density of the hair, men experience more sensation during laser hair treatment. Women’s hair is less thick. They feel less sensation during the laser hair treatment.

Long and short, laser hair removal for men is equally beneficial as for women. Some minor differences vary in the number of sessions or strength they require during the treatment. By consulting with a skincare professional or aesthetician, you can easily understand them and overcome this.

Last Notes for the Laser Hair Removal Journey

While summarising this mini guide, the safest point to start your journey towards a hair-free body is to consult a dermatologist.  They will be able to assess your skin type, medical history, and other factors and advise the best course of treatment for you. 

At last, but not least, prep your skin before the laser treatment, as mentioned above, and take good care of your skin after for better results. Finally, be prepared for sensation for the time being and your skin’s recovery time.

How to Book Laser Hair Removal in Greenwich, London

For the best laser hair removal results, book your free consultation today with our experts at Meridian Spa. It is known to be the best laser hair removal in London. Our Experts will advise you on your specific skin and hair types and how to proceed with them. They will also happily answer any questions you may have about the process. Lastly, they will help you set up a timeline for your laser hair removal journey for your convenience. So, what are you waiting for? 

FAQs for the Best Laser Hair Removal in London?

Hey, is it your first time getting any laser treatment? You must be nervous or have lots of questions to ask. We are going to answer all your FAQs here. We have gathered all the FAQs for the best laser hair removal results that newbies ask our expert aestheticians before the laser hair removal treatment. Check out below!

1. What Happens During Laser Consultation and Patch Test?

When booking the free consultation at Meridian Spa, which can be easily found when you scribble Laser hair removal treatment in Greenwich or laser hair removal treatment in London. You will meet the dermatologist and esthetician with years of experience. 

They will guide you by determining your skin type and your concerns. Also, they will conduct the patch test at least 24 hours before the final laser session. The specialist applies the laser to the small area and monitors the results. Keep in mind that, even for the patch test, you are not supposed to be tanned or bleached. 

2. How Should I Get Ready for the Laser Treatment?

On the day of laser treatment, try your best to arrive on time so your session can start at the right time, and follow the above-mentioned precautions. The clinicians will welcome you and make sure you get full privacy during the session. Also, they make sure that everything is controlled by taking all the necessary precautions.

3. What to Expect from a Laser Hair Removal Session?

You may experience a tingling sensation during the session and a bit of redness, but aftercare is very important. During the week, you will notice hair shedding. You will get your desired results after multiple sessions 4-8 spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

4. How to do Laser Hair Removal Aftercare?

The aesthetician applies Aloe Vera gel to the treated areas after the laser treatment. That helps to soothe the skin and cool off the burning effect. For details, read the precautions mentioned above or consult.


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