Laser Hair Removal Treatment: How Does it Work?

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Humans have a long history of dealing with unwanted hair of their bodies. With time, humans discover many methods to get rid of unwanted hair, such as shaving, tweezing, waxing, etc., and still find more efficient ways to deal with extra hair.

Old methods of getting rid of extra hair are not good because they are not permanent nor prevent hair from growing for a long time. Also, even some methods like waxing cause so much pain, and results remain satisfying for some days. These methods took less time to get done, but hair started to grow again right after the other day.

According to a survey, a woman spends almost $10000 on hair-removing products and shaves 7,718.4 times in her lifespan. Many might get tired of spending so much money and time on ineffective methods.

Then why don’t you use a new method like laser hair removal, which is very effective and results remain long-lasting? In this article, you will learn about laser hair removal, how it works, how many sessions you may need, results, and side effects.

What is laser hair removal?

Well, it is a modern procedure to get rid of extra hair for a long time or even permanently. It is a non-invasive medical procedure, which means this method doesn’t require any cuts on your skin. People can have laser hair removal on any part of their body.

What is laser hair removal

There are some common parts of the body where most people like to have laser hair removal treatment.

  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Bikini area
  • Any area of the body where pubic hair grows.

These body areas are commonly used for laser hair removal treatment. You can also have Laser hair removal treatment on your Private parts of the body which we call it Brazilian Laser Hair Removal.

How does laser hair removal work?

The process that has been used in laser hair removal treatment is called selective photothermolysis. The laser delivers heat that kills cells with a lot of pigments. Darker hair absorbs a lot of heat from lasers due to its higher pigment content. Hair sends heat to the hair follicles, which makes follicles destroy and prevent hair growth.

How does laser hair removal work

Hair follicles must have to be in their anagen or growth stage so the procedure can work. Because if the follicles aren’t in their growth stage, a laser will not cause much damage to the follicles. Also, there are chances that some people require more sessions of laser hair removal treatment due to the growth of follicles at various rates.

Moreover, multiple sessions of laser hair removal treatment are necessary to prevent hair growth permanently and ultimately destroy hair follicles. Some people might require touch-ups with time.

More importantly, people start to see the results of laser hair removal treatment right after their 1st session.

What happens during laser hair removal?

There are several steps involved in laser hair removal treatment. The beautician will:

  • Cleans the area where treatment has to be done
  • He will give you the goggles to wear to protect your eyes during the procedure. He will also wear one to protect himself.
  • Then he will start the treatment with laser, which might feel like a rubber band hitting you against your skin.

What happens during laser hair removal

The procedure of laser hair removal treatment might go from minutes to hours, depending on the area of the treatment. There might be some smoke and smell of burning hair, which is expected in such treatments.

Is the laser hair removal treatment permanent? How many sessions does it take?

Is the laser hair removal treatment permanent- How many sessions does it take

Well, laser hair removal is permanent, but it takes many sessions to get the best result out of it. It usually requires 5 to 6 sessions for permanent or long-lasting results. But in some cases, hair grows thinner and lighter, back on the area where you get the laser hair removal done. So, with time you need touch-ups to get rid of those hair after their growth.

How to get prepared for laser hair removal treatment?

First thing comes in mind when you are planning for treatment “How to Prepare for the laser hair Removal treatment“. Before the treatment, you have to avoid sun and tanning beds as much as possible.

Because artificially or naturally tanning skin makes laser harder to work on the skin, and it is significantly less effective on tanning skin. Also, it can lead to the side effects of laser hair removal.

How to get prepared for laser hair removal treatment

It would be best if you shaved the area where you want the laser hair removal treatment, and you have to do it 2 or 3 days before the treatment. It is because the laser doesn’t work on hair larger than a grain of rice.

After the treatment, you must avoid tweezing, plucking, and waxing the area where you had the laser hair removal treatment.

What happens after laser hair removal?

Well, you might be thinking about the after-effects of the laser hair removal treatment. Your skin might turn red and swollen, which will be a little painful on the treated area. Don’t ever expose your skin to sunlight and other artificial light containing ultraviolet rays.

What happens during laser hair removal

Furthermore, you can go back to your normal routine right after the laser treatment, but you must be careful while going outside.

Is laser hair removal bad for you?

No, laser hair removal treatment is the safest and most effective hair removal treatment. Well, it can be bad if an inexperienced healthcare provider performs it.

Are there any side effects of the laser hair removal treatment?

There are some possible side effects of this treatment, including:

  • Blisters
  • Burns
  • Herpes outbreaks
  • Hyperpigmentation, in which the area of treatment gets darker than the rest of the skin.
  • Hypopigmentation, in which the area of treatment gets lighter than the rest of the skin.
  • Infections
  • Scars

On the other hand, these side effects remain only for some time and heal within days.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment?

What are the benefits of laser hair removal treatment

If you are having the best laser hair removal treatment, it does come with so many benefits, such as,

  • The results of laser hair removal treatment stay for quite some time and are much longer than waxing, shaving, or tweezing.
  • It is the fastest way to get rid of extra hairs
  • Laser hair removal is much more painless than waxing and tweezing
  • It is a more precise treatment than other hair removal methods
  • This treatment is cost-effective. Well, waxing sessions are cheaper than laser hair removal sessions, but the long-lasting effects of laser hair removal treatment make it cost-effective.
  • There will be no more ingrown hair after the laser hair removal treatment.
  • It is the healthier hair removal method.
  • After the treatment, the treated area will be much softer and smoother.

How long do the effects of the laser hair removal treatment remain?

After the 1st session, the hair growth will be reduced to 10% to 25%, which is also quite amazing and amusing. But after all the sessions, you might not have new hair for several months or years.

Where to get the best laser hair removal treatment in Greenwich?

There can be so many different spas and healthcare centers that provide laser hair removal treatment, but there’s too much risk in taking this treatment by unprofessional beauticians. So, it is best to book an appointment at Meridian Spa.

There are reasons to choose Meridian Spa over any other Spa or healthcare center.

  1. They have the best-certified beauticians who can professionally perform laser hair removal therapy without harming you.
  2. Meridian Spa has the latest laser hair removal technology.
  3. Friendly staff and clean environment like home.

Ending notes:

There’s nothing to be afraid of in laser hair removal treatment. It is the most effective and safest hair removal treatment than other methods like shaving, waxing, etc. In this article, you learn everything that you need to know.

If you are considering getting rid of extra and unwanted hair from your body, Contact our beautician at Meridian Spa if you have other questions and book an appointment after clearing your thoughts and doubts.


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