Meridian spa offers the best services of massage for pregnant women. Reduce stress and promote overall wellness by pregnancy massage London services. Lower the level of anxiety and stress, improve your mood + lifting depression. Our therapeutic massage reduces swelling, muscles aches, joint pain, and improves sleep. Our highly experienced therapists help you stay comfortable and fresh throughout your pregnancy. Book our pregnancy massage services today and reduce pelvic pain in pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy period and live happily. CONSULT NOW


Want to enjoy your pregnancy without any stress and be full of beauty? Meridian spa is here to help you in this regard. Research shows that massage is very beneficial for pregnant women. Our expert prenatal treatments are formulated to nourish and hydrate the skin whilst promoting deep relaxation. Alleviates anxiety and stress on weight-bearing joints. Gentle yet effective maternity massage Greenwich experiences nurture skin and body through this unique time. Our experts will also guide you about what type of massage suits you best. Contact us today and get a massage by certified therapists.

Pregnancy treatment benefits

Pregnancy Treatment Benefits

If you feel any discomfort during pregnancy, our pregnancy treatments combine sensitive touch with comfort. The best pregnancy massage London spa encourages a deep level of relaxation, balances your energy levels while addressing emotional and physical concerns, and relieves tension in the back, shoulders, scalp, hands, and feet. Experts reveal that massage reduces labor pain during pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage in Greenwich improves pain management and less chronic muscle tension and pain. Get in touch with our experts and experience the pregnancy massage with magical results.

First Trimester (Weeks 1-12)

Pregnancy heightens the sense of smell. Hence, the pregnant mum finds aversion to some foods and may also be suffering from morning sickness. This is a very sensitive time. The mother-to-be will require more energy within the massage technique, rather than pressure or weight. This delicate time is a way of stopping mother-to-be doing too much!

pregnancy massage in first trimester
pregnancy massage in second trimester

Second Trimester (Weeks 13-26)

The baby is getting larger. The mother-to-be will be unable to lie on her back for too long. We will focus on her breathing on the base, heart and throat chakras. Morning sickness should cease, whilst sleep becomes more interrupted. The mother-to-be may be experiencing more pressure on the bladder. The skin becomes much drier and tighter. We’ll massage the tummy gently, but we will ask permission before we do.

Third Trimester (Weeks 27-39)

Mother may experience more heavy pressure as a result of baby growth. Swollen ankles and hands are common, and the mother-to-be may feel very hot. Heartburn and Sciatica is also common. Mother-to-be can experience emotional tiredness, anxiety and tension about the labour, which can manifest itself in the upper back. We will listen and be silent when necessary. Main areas we will concentrate on are the sacrum, feet and ankles. 

pregnancy massage in third trimester
Words from our happy clients

“The pregnancy massage with Disha was incredible! She was welcoming, attentive, considerate to my needs and you just knew she was very skilled and talented. The massage was very relaxing, yet she was working out my tension and knots. The bed and room were very comfortable and the Elemis products smelt great. Overall probably one of the best massages I've had. I'll definitely be returning.”


“Pregnancy massage was very relaxing...I felt very looked after and felt very safe and comfortable throughout. Would definitely reccomend Deborah to anyone looking for an hour of 'me time'”


“The pregnancy massage and facial was great, Deb is lovely and would definitely go back again!”


“Really enjoyed this pregnancy massage, more comfortable than my bed at home! Deborah was really sweet and made me feel completely relaxed.”


“Great experience ! She is fully aware of pregnant women's needs.”

Alejandra De la Fuente

“Disha was amazing she responded to my exact requirements. This was my first pregnancy massage, Disha explained she had to go easy and it couldn’t be as deep as I am used to in the lower back region but she really worked well in the surrounding areas to ease my tension and work out the knots and ease the pain from carrying a baby the size of a watermelon! I am very impressed and will be rebooking another pregnancy treatment and a deep tissue postnatal. Thank you Disha I feel renewed 😊”


“I loved my experience here. The first time last year for pregnancy massage London was great but this time was even better. Deborah was lovely! Very funny and thorough. Excellent at her job and the experience was very pleasant. Already planning another visit in a few weeks time!”


“I think that Deborah was really nice. I’ll be back surely for massage for pregnant women!”


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