Top 10 Best Places for Laser Hair Removal in London, United Kingdom

Top 10 Best Places for Laser Hair Removal in London, United Kingdom 2

Are you tired of routine hair plucking, shaving, and even waxing? It is the problem people have been facing for centuries, but thankfully, we are in an era where we have a permanent solution to this. The most painless and helpful is the laser hair removal treatment.

It is an advanced medical procedure done by certified specialists only. It is a very safe procedure that uses a light beam to target the hair pigment in the follicle and destroy it.

To get rid of ugly and unwanted hair that sprouts back from the skin no matter how many times you have waxed. You might be scribbling “Hair laser treatment near me” or “The best laser hair removal in London” on your browser.

In spite of everything, to live your life in peace, you have to search for the best laser hair removal near you in London. Where it is easy for you to reach out and get your treatments.

How Laser Hair Treatment Works

How Laser Hair Treatment Works

If you are on this blog, it is probably your first time getting your therapy laser hair removal. The process involves the following steps:

  • Preparation for Laser Hair Removal

A list of things that the audience should do before their laser hair removal appointment, such as avoiding sun exposure, shaving the area to be treated, and avoiding certain medications.

Before the treatment, the area to be treated is cleansed, and some patients may receive a numbing gel to minimise discomfort.

  • Laser Treatment Procedure

The laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the hair follicles, inhibiting or delaying future hair growth.

  • Results, Hair Shedding

Hair follicles hit by the laser during the treatment can take days to weeks to fully shed. Hairs do not fall out immediately, and the shedding process may sometimes look like continued hair growth.

How did we pick our top Laser Hair Removal Treatment Spas in London?

How did we pick our top Laser Hair Removal Treatment Spas in London

To cut down on your research and work to choose the best laser hair removal in London, we have compiled the top ten laser hair removal service providers. They are all known for their services and expertise. On top of that, they are also known for their customer service and professionalism. To be precise, we consider the following factors choose the top ten choices:

  • Background and Relevance

We picked only those spas that are relevant and provide Laser treatment at the spa. We also checked their availability and accessibility. 

  • Expertise and Qualifications

These Spas in London have proven results and a trackable record of providing laser hair removal services to men and women in London. We have only listed the best in London that are experienced and have a number of satisfied customers.

  • Pricing and Packages

We compared their services and prices, too. It helped us to pick only those who are providing market-competitive services and prices.

  • Reviews and Feedback

We did our best to dig into the reviews and feedback of the customers across the platforms, including Google, Yelp, TreatWell, etc.

Our Top 10 Picks for Laser Hair Removal Spas in London

Top 10 Best Places for Laser Hair Removal in London, United Kingdom

Are you looking forward to getting your first laser hair removal treatment in London? We have done the homework for you by searching the best places to get your laser treatment in London easily. Without any more delay, let us get straight into them!

1. Meridian Spa: Known to be a Heaven for All Skin Treatments

Meridian Spa

Finding the best full-body laser hair removal treatment in Greenwich, London? Well, here is your catch: Meridian Spa is offering all the skin treatments for full body hair removal, including: 

Long and short, they are providing advanced laser hair removal treatment in London for everyone and everywhere. Their laser hair removal services are affordable, safe, and fast, with magical results. 

They use ELEMIS and OPI brand products and Candela Gentle Pro Medical grade laser that is approved by the Greenwich council. All of the Aestheticians and dermatologists are highly qualified and professionally trained in laser hair removal techniques. 

Some customers have reviewed that their treatment visibly reduces hair growth in a single session. Also, it eliminates ingrown hairs, leaving silky smooth skin. As the cherry on the top, Meridian Spa is offering a free consultation to clear any doubts. 

Services of MeridianSpa

Being the one that provides all of the services, MeridianSpa is the best choice for laser hair removal in London. Considering this, let us count what else skin treatments provide; take a look below:

  • Complete Day Spa: It is a complete spa heaven such as facials, massages, body scrubs, steam rooms, saunas, and much more.
  • Laser Hair Removal Services: They provide complete and best laser hair removal services to both men and women. 
  • Massages: They provide the most relaxing and deeper massage to both men and women.
  • Facials: Offering a number of organic facials for healthy and glowy skin.

They are providing another number of treatments for men and women and numerous gift cards. At the end of this, we would say they are the best-liked laser hair removal in Greenwich, London with the most accessible and affordable services.

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.9

Yelp Ratings: 4.6

Contact Details 


T: 020 4538 0841

[email protected]

Operating Hours:

Monday- Sunday (10 AM-8 30 PM)

Get the best laser hair removal treatment every time you visit Meridian Spa.
  • World-Class Treatments
  • Expert Astehtciains
  • Easy Appointment Booking
  • Welcoming Staff
Laser Hair Removal Service in London

2. Mayfair Aesthetic

Mayfair MediSpa

The next laser hair removal centre on our list is Mayfair Aesthetic, which was established in 2001. They provide laser hair removal services in London across multiple locations in Pimlico, Angel, Moorgate, and Hammersmith. They are providing a very warm and welcoming environment to their customers. 

They use Soprano ICE Titanium and Platinum laser hair removal technology for safe and painless treatments. Being equipped with the best technologies, they promise outstanding results to their customers.


Besides offering medical-grade laser treatments, they also offer an extensive range of other anti-ageing aesthetic treatments. Some of their most well-known treatments are the following:

  • HIFU Skin lifting:
  • Microneedling:
  • NIR Skin-Tightening Facial:
  • IPL Skin Rejuvenation:

Altogether, their services are amazing, providing comfort to the customers, and they are recommended!

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.3

Yelp ratings: 2.8

Some customers reviewed that their services are very professional and welcoming, too.

Contact Details 

Address: First Floor, Colebrooke House, 10-12 Gaskin Street, London N1 2RY

Operating Hours:

Monday-Friday (9 AM-8 PM)

Saturday (9 AM-6 PM)

Sunday (10 AM-6 PM)

3. The One & Only (Laser and Beauty)

The One & Only (Laser and Beauty)

The third number on our list is the One & Only, who always try their best to provide comfort and results to their customers. It is a small business providing laser hair removal services in Richmond.

They use medical grade lasers and the Alma Soprano Titanium for the laser hair removal treatment. The results of their laser hair removal treatments are satisfactory, and some customers claim that it was painless. 

They are offering a complimentary consultation and patch test before the laser hair removal. They offer a variety of services; they furthermore claim to offer laser hair removal for dark skin or tanned skin. 


  • Hydra Facials: It uses technology to exfoliate and hydrate skin at once easily.
  • LED Phototherapy: This therapy uses lights of different wavelengths, which has multiple benefits for the skin.
  • Microneedling: A microneedling technique for the skin rejuvenation.

Google Ratings Reviews is 5.0

Yelp Ratings: Not listed

Address: 18 Hill Rise Richmond London TW10 6UA

Operating Hours: 

Monday-Wednesday(10 AM- 6:30 PM)

Saturday (10 AM-5 PM)

Sunday (Closed)

4. Pulse Light Clinic

Pulse Light Clinic

The fourth one on our list is Pulse Light Clinic, which is known for its skin treatments, including laser hair removal therapies in London. They have been providing services for over 20 years that have helped them make their name as a clinic.

They are offering services in four different locations: Bank, Liverpool Street, Tottenham, and Marylebone. The biggest claim they make so far is that they provide laser hair removal treatments to the women suffering from PCOS. 

Their prices vary depending on the area of the body for instance, the price of underarm laser hair removal and upper lip laser hair removal is different. Laser hair removal of facial hair is comparatively less than bikini area hair removal.

They do offer discounts on multiple sessions, but comparatively, it’s expensive! Besides the therapy laser hair removal, they are providing other skincare treatments, too. 

We found their website a bit cluttered and noticed some reports that their refund process is not good. Still, overall, this choice is good.


Some of their known services are the following 

  • Tattoo Removal: It uses a laser to target the ink particles in ink and break them down.
  • Body Sculpting Treatments: With Sonic vibration and heat pressure to destroy fat cells.
  •  IPL Treatments: Intense light therapy that helps to improve skin texture.

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.5

Yelp reviews score:  4.7

Address: First Floor, 20 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1EB, United Kingdom

Operating Hours: Monday- Friday (10 AM-8 PM); Saturday (10 AM-5 PM); Sunday (10 AM-4 PM)

5. Simply Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic

Simply Laser Hair Removal and Skin Clinic

Simply Laser Hair Removal and skin clinic was established in 2016 near Streatham.

Since then, they have established their name quite well in the market, so we mentioned their name here.  They work professionally with their customers, and they explain everything to their customers on consultation day. They use the Cynosure Elite Laser hair removal technology.

While reviewing their clients, we came across lots of good comments. They complement their stress-free sessions there. Furthermore, they are offering a free consultation and a patch test to their new buyer. 

Booking their sessions online is a very difficult thing to do as their online platform is not user-friendly. It was really hectic to go through their services online and learn about them.


Some of their known and most selling laser hair removal services are the following:

The biggest flaw we noticed is they are off on weekends, which is the most troublesome thing for the people who work. Lastly, we would say that overall, they are good at what they do!

Google Ratings Reviews: 5

Yelp Reviews: Not Mentioned

Contact Details

Address: 4 Streatham St, London WC1A 1JB, United Kingdom

Operating Hours: 

Monday- Wednesday (12 PM-8 PM)

Thursday-Friday (12 PM-7 PM)

Closed on weekends 

6. Premier Laser & Skin Clinic London

Premier Laser & Skin Clinic London

With multiple clinics across clinics established over the time period of 15 years, Premier Laser and Skin Clinic has made its name among the top brands. Due to their extensive experience, they have served thousands of happy customers.

They are known to be very meticulous from start to end and also offer free consultations and patch tests for the purpose of the investigation. They take into account previous medical records like treatments, medications or allergies if you have any. 

They use medical-grade Candela laser ND YAG and Alexandrite for hair removal. They provide services to all, including laser hair removal for men, laser hair removal for women and laser hair removal of black skin(that is just difficult considering the technology).

Although they are only known for laser hair removal therapies, they offer other skin treatments, too. 


Some of their specialised services are the following:

  • Morpheus8: A nonsurgical but invasive skin tightening procedure.
  • Thermage: A noninvasive radio frequency treatment to rejuvenate skin texture.
  • iPixel Resurfacing: A laser treatment to improve skin appearance.
  • IPL by M22: Stands for intense pulse light therapy for skin resurfacing.

They are also offering skin treatments too, and overall, they are considerable.

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.6

Yelp Ratings: 5

Contact Details

Address: 3-5 Vanston Pl, London SW6 1AY, United Kingdom

Operating Hours: 

Monday- Friday (10 AM -8 PM)

Saturday (10 AM -6 PM)

Closed on Sundays 

7. Continental Skin Clinic

Continental Skin Clinic

Previously known as the Savant, the continental skin clinic is located in Kings Cross, London. Compared to other clinics on our list, this spa has fewer years of experience, and their main service is laser hair removal treatments. Their aesthetician has over 6 years of experience providing laser hair removal services for men and women.

They use photothermolysis during laser hair removal to eliminate hair.  This process is safe and effective on all skin types. They also offer discounts for customers who purchase multiple treatments from them.

They are closed on Sunday and Monday and other days, and their timings are a bit off.


They provide lots of skin and aesthetic treatments for hyperpigmentation, skin tightening, and skin resurfacing. They also provide hair mesotherapy. Their most popular services are the following:

  • Laser hair bleaching: A non-invasive procedure to target fine and baby hair.
  • Anti-sweat injections: FDA-approved Botox injections to turn off the sweat glands.

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.8

Yelp Ratings: 4.7

Contact Details

Address: 530A Holloway Rd, London N7 6JD, United Kingdom

Operating Hours: 

Sunday- Monday (Closed)

Saturday-Thursday (10 AM -6:30 PM)

Tuesday-Wednesday (11 AM -7 PM)

8. The Angel Laser Clinic

The Angel Laser ClinicLaser Hair Removal Clinic in London

The aesthetician is experienced and knowledgeable in laser hair removal treatments and is able to provide safe and effective treatments. The spa offers a free consultation to discuss any questions or concerns that the client may have. The spa also offers package deals for added services and the number of sessions.

This clinic does not have any chain of clinics. It’s a small aesthetic clinic in Liverpool, London. Their staff and aestheticians try their best to provide a personalised experience to their customers. There is a point to note that they charge you for the consultations, like £29 for the laser hair removal consultation. Also, one more thing to remember about them is they’re pretty strict about cancellations. You have to call them at least 48 hours before the appointment.


The Following are the skin services they offer other than laser hair removal services.

  • Laser for the Pigmentation: Laser therapies to cure pigmentation
  • Warts Removal: laser or freezing treatment to remove warts on the skin.
  • Skin Peels: Treatments for the skin exfoliation.

Overall, they are good at what they do and are a good option if you live in Liverpool.

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.8

Yelp Ratings: 4.7

Contact Details

Address: 144 Liverpool Rd, London N1 1LA, United Kingdom

Operating Hours: 

Monday- Friday (7 AM -8 PM)

Saturday-Sunday (9 AM -6 PM)

9. Skin Perfection London

Skin Perfection London

They were established in 2012, and since then, they have been serving clients for skin treatments. They are one of the top laser and skin clinics in the city. Their staff is very good and friendly, providing a comfortable environment to their customers. 

They are using the medical grade laser technology by Cynosure. Skin Perfection London provides laser hair removal services to men and women both.

Their pricing is transparent and a bit expensive. One more thing you must keep in mind is that they do not offer free consultations. It costs around £50 for the initial consultation. Their online appointment booking is a bit tacky, and you have to ring them for a smooth process. Lastly, there is one point to note: they are closed on Sundays.


Aside from their laser hair treatments, they are also offering other services, including:

  • Dermaplaning: A treatment to use deep acne scars with a dermatome.
  • Laser skin surfacing: It is to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Laser skin tightening: This treatment reduces sagging skin and lifts the skin.

Overall, this is a singled-out clinic in Great Castle.

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.7

Yelp Ratings: 0.0

Contact Details

Address: 4th Floor, 21/22 Great Castle St, London W1G 0HY, United Kingdom

Operating Hours: 

Monday (11 AM-7:30 PM)

Tuesday-Thursday (11:30 AM-8 PM)

Friday-Saturday (9 AM-5:30 PM)

Closed on Sundays 

10. EF Medispa

EF Medispa

EF Medispa is a luxury skin clinic in London that has offered laser hair removal and other treatments for the last 16 years. They have a team of experienced professionals and make sure to provide a comfortable environment to their customers.

EF Medispa uses diode laser technology to ensure that their clients get the best results. The most popular treatments at EF Medispa are the following:

  • laser hair removal chin
  • Upper lip laser hair removal
  • laser hair removal Legs
  • laser hair removal Underarm
  • laser hair removal Back
  • laser hair removal bikini area

At EF Medispa, you can book a free consultation before the permanent hair removal treatment. There is a point to notice that they are closed on Sunday.


Besides this, they are also offering the following services:

  • Nonsurgical treatments
  • Dermatology Treatments
  • Surgical Treatments

For face, body and skin.

Google Ratings Reviews: 4.3

Yelp Ratings: 2

Address: 193 Kings Road Chelsea, London

Operating Hours: 

Monday (11 AM-7:30 PM)

Tuesday-Thursday (11:30 AM-8 PM)

Friday-Saturday (9 AM-5:30 PM)

Closed on Sundays 

How to Choose a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Let me make one thing clear: choosing the best laser hair removal in London is very challenging. As things go on, you have to consider many factors, such as price, experience, location, qualifications, etc. Moreover, you should also check reviews and testimonials to make sure that the clinic is reputable. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the clinic offers a free consultation to discuss the best options for you. This will help you to know if the clinic is reliable and if they provide satisfactory results. 

This is why it is important to choose a reliable skin clinic that offers quality services and aftercare. You have to consider several factors, such as safety, expertise, and cost. Here are some tips to help you choose the right clinic:

1. Check the Clinic’s Credentials

Make sure the clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and that the staff are trained and qualified to perform laser hair removal treatments.

2. Read Reviews

Check online reviews from previous clients to get an idea of the clinic’s reputation and the quality of its services.

3. Ask for Recommendations

Ask friends and family members if they have any recommendations for laser hair removal clinics in London.

4. Consider the Location

Choose a clinic that is conveniently located for you so you don’t have to travel too far for your appointments.

5. Price

Compare the prices of different clinics to find one that fits your budget.

Last Thought

Towards the end, we would say that before you make a decision, do your research and read reviews to find a clinic that has good reviews and a good reputation. Make sure to ask questions and get a tour of the facility, probably like a free consultation. Finally, don’t hesitate to take your first step toward a glowy and silky smooth hair-free body!

FAQS of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

It depends on the skin and hair type, but usually, 4-7 gives the best results.

The minimum age is 18 years old, as recommended by the dermatologist.

It costs around £25 – £50.   

Enjoy the best spa experience

Indulge in blissful spa services at Meridian Spa Greenwich. Contact us today for relaxation and revitalization!