What is a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal


There will be a time when you have shaved your pubic hair. At first, it seems okay, but with time the growth of pubic hair increases, and you have to shave or wax them over. It would become hectic and embarrassing if those hair weren’t shaved off. Because you might have to go to the beach and want to wear a bikini, but without shaving your pubic hair, it might be embarrassing.

There will be a time when you permanently want to get rid of pubic hair instead of shaving, waxing, or using hair removal creams a lot. If you are interested in permanently getting rid of pubic hair, there is a solution available.

Are you interested in a solution that can save you from embarrassment while wearing a bikini or other clothes? Wants to know about the answer? Let me tell you, Brazilian laser hair removal is a modern time solution that can save your time, money, and shaving or waxing effort.

Wants to know more about this amazing laser hair removal treatment? Stay tuned because, in this article, you will learn about everything that you need to know about Brazilian hair removal treatment that you need to know.

What is Brazilian laser hair removal, and how does it work?

1st thing 1st, let’s start with knowing about what actually Brazilian laser hair removal is. This comprehensive service is used to get rid of all of the pubic hair. It is the most permanent modern hair removal treatment that exists.

The laser in Brazilian hair removal targets the hair follicles of the targeted area. The laser emits light energy to stop the hair’s growth. The after-effects remain for a long time, or you can say this is the most promising hair removal treatment with long-lasting effects.

It saves your time because once you get all the sessions, you will feel like you don’t need other hair removal treatments for several months or years.

What to expect from Brazilian laser hair removal?

Well, you understand that laser hair removal helps you to get rid of extra hair of your body, but Brazilian laser hair removal includes your private parts. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for many, but let me tell you, at Meridian Spa, expert laser technicians perform laser treatments. Also, they will make you so much more comfortable than you expected. Because at Meridian spa, you entered a judgemental-free zone where no one was around to judge you in any terms.

Once you finish the appointment, you can shave the area where you wanted to get the treatment done and come in loose clothes so you feel more comfortable. But please do not apply any lotion or other topical products to the area where treatment will get done. Applying any lotion or other products will make it harder for a laser technician to perform. Also, there are chances that you might get affected with minor side effects.

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Moreover, the laser technician will clean the area to freshen up the skin before the treatment. Once you are ready to have a Brazilian laser hair removal treatment, the laser technician will draw a grid to ensure he/she doesn’t miss any spots.

Then, the treatment will get started. The technician will zap every area with several pulses while working over the skin. She’ll work steadily until she’s finished treating the entire region.

After applying some gel to the treated area to give you a soothing feel on the skin, you will be ready to go free. Brazilian hair removal will not take much of your time, and the session lasts only 20-20 minutes.

Is there anything to avoid after the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment?

Yes, there are things that you might not be able to do right after the treatment. Your skin might get little red and sometimes irritated, which is normal after any laser hair removal treatment. But, on the other hand, irritation may subside.

It is very essential for you to avoid sun exposure, saunas, hot showers, tanning baths, and even exercise after having a Brazilian or any other laser hair removal treatment. Avoiding these things will make sure your skin is recovering quickly and safely.

How many sessions are required for Brazilian laser hair removal?

You may not know, but laser hair removal takes many sessions to give you permanent results. You will notice hair reduction right after the 1st session of Brazilian laser hair removal, but it takes 6-12 sessions, depending on your skin type.

Hair follicles are only susceptible to laser treatment while in the active growth stage of their cycle. Because each hair is at a different cycle stage, a succession of treatments is required to affect all of them to the point where hair stops coming back.

To sum up:

Laser hair removal is a permanent method of hair reduction. It saves you practically a lifetime of waxing and shaving. You’ll stop getting ingrown hairs once your hair stops growing back! In the long run, it’s also considerably less expensive than professional waxing.


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