Top 10 Best Spa Days In London, United Kingdom

Spa Days Near Me in London

How do you like to spend your weekends? Are you a homebody who likes to stay at home? Or are you a wellness enthusiast who would prefer to cut off from the bustling life and reconnect to his/her self? Either way, spending a good day at the spa would be a great idea. Taking out time from our busy lives, where we are trying to keep the balance between home, work, and a little social life, has become really important. Also, taking care of yourself is an aspect we should not ignore anymore. Now is the high time to destress and detox from life easily at the spa day Greenwich, London.

How Day Spas Help You in Self-Care and Relaxation in Life

Well, there is nothing like taking time for yourself and indulging in the beauty and serenity of a day spa. Basically, a Day Spa is a holistic fusion of the traditional spa and a wellness centre. Visiting a day spa is the epitome of self-care and relaxation. The perfect combination of a tranquil environment, a skilled therapist, and a huge variety of treatments makes it a heaven of wellness. 

Here, you will get lots of spa therapies, such as massages and saunas, that target sore muscles, promote blood circulation and ease joint pain to improve overall physical well-being. In addition, facials and detoxifying treatments cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, boosting hydration and a healthy complexion. Spending a day at a spa will help you pamper head to toe, and the good news is that there are some of the finest spas in London. While offering holistic spa day packages and huge spa gift cards, they are waiting for you.

Criteria for Evaluating and Selecting the Day Spa

Criteria for Evaluating and Selecting the Day Spa

A day spa is a new, increasingly popular trend, and it’s important to select a day spa that meets all your needs and provides a relaxing experience on your every visit. To help you get the spa days London, we have made a list for you. This list is based on the following criteria:

  • Their number of experience in the wellness industry
  • Diversity in their offerings, from treatments to therapies.
  • The number of reviews they have on their all-around platforms
  • Their accessibility and the hours they serve.
  • Analysis of Brand worth Google ratings.
  • Last, there are the prices and the value they offer in a price.

10 Best Spa Days in London You Should Know

1. Meridian Spa

Meridian Spa top and best spa


Unit 15, Greenwich, 38 Creekside, Creek Rd, London SE8 3FN, United Kingdom

Meridian Spa is known as The Best Spa Days Greenwich. 

One of London’s best-kept secrets, the Meridian Spa is small yet wonderfully designed and is missed by large players. Not even in this modern age are there funky songs beating the eardrums. Instead, when you step in, their tranquil atmosphere gives you the feeling of pampering. Their all-perfect white aesthetics make it a perfect hideout to reboot yourself from life there.

Light peeks through their big glass window and through the curtains. Their wooden shelves are lined with flower vases.

If we talk about their performance, they are a boutique of clinic and spa therapies. They are offering a plethora of wellness and lifestyle treatments. String from 

  • Facials
  • 12 types Massages
  • Biotech Facials
  • Hair laser removal, and much more.

Are you looking forward to escaping from the tensions? Find luxury spa days near me. Their facial and massage therapies will leave your skin glowy and rejuvenated. If you would instead feel the advantages of movements a priority, there is also a state-of-the-art gym, yoga classes, swim coaching, and personal training available.

Specialities of the Meridian Spa

The biggest surprising thing is their day spa packages are so budget-friendly, and they include all of their amazing services, which are:

  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • And over 40 classes a week, such as yoga and pilates.

Moreover, all of them are at very affordable prices.

They use the state of technology and the leading brand ELEMIS to make you feel relaxed and satisfied at the core. 


Monday to Friday: 11 AM -8:30 PM

Saturday to Sunday: 10 AM – 6:30 PM


If you’re looking for the best spa experience at a very affordable price? Then get the best spa days near me. Their package is starting from just £149 for the couples, which is considerably a best package spa day London for 2.

Google Ratings: 4.9

Get the best spa days treatment every time you visit Meridian Spa.
  • World-Class Treatments
  • Expert Astehtciains
  • Easy Appointment Booking
  • Welcoming Staff
Meridian Fitness Best Sports Massage Treatment

2. Claridge's



Claridge’s Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR

About Claridege’s

Just opened its doors in 2022, Clasridge’s Spa has become one of the top spas that London boasts. Before that it was the name being endured for the last 211 years for its hospitality and grace. After 7 years of deep construction, they opened in September, which is an epicentre of wellness and relaxation. 

Claridge’s spa features cutting-edge bio innovation and therapeutic rituals to help clients enhance their physical and mental well-being. After spending a full day at a spa, you can easily feel that your soul lightens. The surreal sound of flowing water, energy-cleansing music, and the scents of handmade herbal poultices heighten your senses.

Claridege’s Spa Offerings

Three floors beneath the hotel, designed by interior designer Andre’ Fu, they are offering the full package of wellness, including:

  • A swimming pool
  • Cabanas
  • Sauna
  • A steam room
  • Seven steam rooms. 

They offer a number of Signature body and facial treatments, massages, and hammam experiences. To start your trip, they offer a special seasonal tea mix or water laced with crystals.


Monday to Sunday: 8 AM -9 PM


Overall, it is a bit pricey, as their signature and most popular Bamboo & Silk Ritual costs around 90 minutes | £295

Google Ratings: 4.6 

3. Four Seasons Spa, Park Lane

Four Seasons Spa, Park Lane


Hamilton Pl, Park Ln, London W1J 7DR, United Kingdom

About Four Seasons Spa

For anyone who is living in East London or working there, you may check out the Four Seasons Spa for the ultimate bundle of relaxation. There is a huge round Moroccan Hammam downstairs, a swimming pool, eight treatment rooms, and a luxury couple’s suite. They are offering the perfect way to relax and refresh with a number of rejuvenating treatments, such as:

  • Natural Body treatments with scrubs and masks
  • A considerable number of facial treatments
  • The most popular Hammam Treatments
  • And Day Passes that include the all-day spa packages and much more.

The spa has collaborated with the Eco-Beauty company Voya to supply healing treatments inspired by Roman bathing customs.

Four Seasons Spa is Famous for

In Hammam, against the ceiling, little pink beams that are like inverted tea lights gently descend on you. Here, while lying on the marble slab in disposable pants and a bandeau top, their therapists will knead your muscles slowly and gently to the best of their ability. 

In addition, their mud wraps are very popular for their radiant and glowing look and as a metabolism booster. 


Monday to Sunday: 9 AM -9 PM


Their prices are suited for their luxury spa treatments, which are quite high.

Google Ratings: 4.6

4. Aire Ancient Baths

Aire Ancient Baths


2-3 Robert St, London WC2N 6BH, United Kingdom

About AIRE Ancient Baths

A restored townhouse of the Peter Pan author, Aire Ancient Baths is situated in the heart of London. With the new concept, which is slightly different from the traditional spa. Inspired by Roman spa tradition, it is the candle-lit sultry 5 baths. Each one is the size of a small pool to wander in your comfort:

  • The warm Tepidarium featuring 96.8 C
  • An enormous bubbling Balneum
  • Steam room with the blend of aromatherapy
  • The saltwater bath is reminiscent of the Red Sea
  • 50 F ice bath and cold bath
  • The wine bath is a heart-shaped pool filled with alcohol-free Red Wine.

AIRE Ancient Baths give residents and visitors a delightfully enjoyable and tranquil new experience in the city.

 AIRE’s main Attractions

The main thoughtfully crafted candle-lit ambience of the AIRE is its main attraction, with the plethora of its outstanding offerings:

  • Thermal Bath Experience
  • Hot Stone Massage, Deep Massage
  • Luxurious Body Scrubs and Wraps
  • Aromatherapy 
  • Timeless Bathing Rituals 


Monday to Friday: 9 AM -10 PM

Saturday to Sunday: 9 AM – 11 PM


Originally created to help their clients pursue happiness, they offer an absolute place of ease and calm. They are valuably high priced; their single massage of 45 minutes costs around £190 per person.

Google Ratings: 4.5

5. Guerlain Spa at Raffles London

Guerlain Spa at Raffles London


57 Whitehall, London SW1A 2BX, United Kingdom

About Guerlain Spa

An international brand with more than 40 spas worldwide, they have opened their boutique in Raffles London. Due to attention to detail, the abundance of facilities is second to none. The Guerlain Spa was designed to be a haven of tranquillity in the middle of the hotel. They offer nine treatment rooms and a classic collection of body and face treatments.

Are you looking for luxury spa days near me? Check out Guerlain, which offers large VIP rooms with bathtubs. Even before the menu, their atmosphere is the beginning of the pampering. Moreover, they are offering numerous relaxation areas, including:

  • A sauna
  • Steam room
  • A 20-metre pool
  • And a thermal vitality pool.

Treatments to Look at Guerlain Spa

Just imagine that you can customise your treatment according to your body’s needs. This is exactly what you can get here in the tailor-made Massage. Following a deep consultation, you can choose:

  • The massage you choose
  • Warmth of the bed
  • Music of your choice
  • Cosy spa undergarments
  • And the fragrance of aroma, etc.

Make sure to check all the boxes of your life to get one of the best experiences of your life. Lastly, they also apply a sheet mask to your face during the treatment to gratify you head to toe.


Monday to Sunday: 10 AM -7 PM


Their tailor massage experience costs around £370 for ninety minutes, which is considerably expensive, according to some of the reviews and customers. 

Google Ratings: 5.0

6. Ilapothecary, Kensington

Ilapothecary, Kensington


99 Kensington Church St, London W8 7LN, United Kingdom

About Ilapothecary 

Nestled in the middle of Kensington Church Street’s antique shops, this is a holistic day spa that smells of herbs. It is designed as you have imagined, reminiscent of an exquisite old-world apothecary. Suited with tall wooden buffets filled with oddities. They are offering a complete package of a spa day out, including: 

  • A peaceful lounge for the rest and talks
  • Sound Bowl Therapy 
  • Workshops on numerous matters
  • A therapy room at the back where you may completely shut off from the outer world.

Following a diagnosis made after you respond to their 50-point questionnaire about your emotional state, spiritual orientation, and physical health. Their therapists are skilled in providing superb, customised treatments, which sets them apart from many other spas.

Speciality of Ilapothecary

Perhaps a deep hydrating facial, a back massage that releases stress, or even a liver compress, they are famous for all. They offer a completely customised therapy to every individual to help them balance restoration rather than a one-size-fits-all fix.


Monday to Sunday: 11 AM -6 PM


Their Beat the Blues, the famous massage treatment, would cost £90 for 45 minutes. You can increase the time span you need.

Google Ratings: 4.5

7. The Lanesborough Club & Spa

The Lanesborough Club & Spa


2 Lanesborough Place SW 1, London SW1X 7TA, United

About The Lanesborough

Tucked down in the corridors, it only adds to its uniqueness. It has perfectly designed opulent decor, including dark wood, silk paper, marble flooring, and huge mirrors with brass trims. The feel of relaxation starts right from the changing rooms, which continue into the dimly lit lounge where you can sip herbal tea. Here, they are offering a vast range of treatments, including:

  • Mud baths
  • Scrubs and Wraps
  • Massage and Body treatment
  • Facials
  • Manicures and Pedicures, etc.

That perfectly bunches in the spa day packages like:

  • Mother and Daughter Spa Time
  • Couples Retreat
  • Springtime Serenity, and many more.

Specialty of the Lanesborough

Their ultimate spa days package and the ayurvedic massage technique are quite among the fancies you might want to look at. In Ayurvedic therapy, they use the potalis soaked in argan oil, and stuff with herbs to enhance its effect. During the deep tissue massage, tap the Potalis along your spine, which will help stimulate the flow of energy, improve blood circulation, and reduce muscle inflammation. 


Monday to Friday: 6 AM -10 PM

Saturday to Sunday: 7 AM – 9 PM


The ILA Deep therapeutic Massage will cost you around £200 for 60 minutes and £245 for the 90 minutes of treatment.

Google Ratings:4.8

8. Ushvani, Knightsbridge

Ushvani, Knightsbridge


 1 Cadogan Gardens, London SW3 2RJ, United Kingdom

About Ushvani

At Sloane Street, the Ushvani Spa takes you on a trip of relaxation. The carved panels that cover the spa’s walls and staircases captivate visitors with their rich history. This place exudes an amazing sense of calmness, like a grand library. Nonetheless, the sweet aroma of the hibiscus is accompanied by the calming sound of water from the underground pool.

Which is welcoming to clients who take plenty of time in the pool and saunas before the start of the treatment. Stretching is the main focus of their traditional Malay massage, with the therapist gently guiding the movements and pausing to focus on tense muscles. Their therapists would pay attention to all the mentioned details and make sure to tailor their experience accordingly.

Their bodywork is appropriate and delicate enough to suit everyone’s needs. There are so many thoughtful details about Ushvani, which are:

  • Their very own super-light king coconut and hibiscus facial oil
  • The thoughtful way they manage facial treatments so that the place is never crowded.
  • Their refreshments are herbal tea and sliced mango

Finally, you get up on your feet, and you are somewhat swamped with their elegance and relaxation.


Monday & Friday: 10 AM -7 PM

Tuesday to Thursday: 9 AM – 6 PM

Wednesday & Sunday is off


For many good reasons, their Malay massage is known for its rejuvenating and toning results. Instantly, you will get a profound relaxation, making it perfect for people who are under stress. It’s 90 minutes and will cost you £180. 

Google Ratings: 3.5

9. Montcalm East

Montcalm East


151-157 City Rd, London EC1V 1JH, United Kingdom

About Montcalm East

If you are living in Shoreditch, it is a one-stop shop for beauty and wellness treatments. 

It is designed to be a perfect break from the city hustle, from the soothing hues to the wooden plush furniture. You can treat yourself to a nourishing and relaxing experience.

They are equipped with an abundance of amenities that will purify, rejuvenate, and nurture your body from head to toe. They are offering a dimly lit spacious swimming pool with a jacuzzi. Furthermore, do you want to relax with your partner? You can get spa days near me for couples.

Speciality of the Montcalm East Spa

Their famous CBD OTO Moment is serving the CBD mocktail with CBD bitters and 2 course lunch. Also, they have 4 hours of time to use their spa facilities with complimentary towels and robes. 

Monday to Sunday: 9 AM -7 PM


Their famous treatment costs around £140 from Monday to Thursday and £150 from Friday to Sunday. 

Google Ratings: 4.4

10. Cloud Twelve

Cloud Twelve Spa


2-5 Colville Mews, London W11 2DA, United Kingdom

About Cloud Twelve 

Are you looking for luxury spa days near me? You get it. One of its kind, Cloud Twelve is a three-story wellness club located in Notting Hill. Where they offer nutritionists, hairdressers, a spa, and a holistic wellness clinic in short, a heaven far from the bustling city, it is designed on the basis of Feng Shui philosophy to improve the energy flow.

They offer a variety of organic treatments based on a combination of Western and Asian philosophies. You can have an excellent massage, facial, and special therapies for men separately. They will make sure to detoxify your body, recharge, and rebalance your energy flow.

The speciality of the Cloud Twelve

They are offering lots of Day spa packages, one of their famous ones is the Day Spa Classic. In this treatment they are offering a full body massage, head to toe. It will recharge, rewind, and retreat completely. Moreover, they offer specialised facial treatments that are tailored to your particular skin concerns and leave you glowy.

In addition, they are offering the following in this package: 

  • A Sauna and steam room
  • Salt room
  • Hydrating eye mask
  • Exquisite brasserie’s afternoon tea treats
  • Lastly, champagne.

In addition, you can get a spa day for two with treatments and lunch at a couple’s day spa. 


Tuesday to Sunday: 9 AM -7 PM

Monday: Closed


It will cost around £240 Monday to Thursday and £265 on Friday to Sunday.

Google Ratings: 4.8

Tips for Making the Most of Your Spa Day Experience

Finally, after discussing the best day spas in London, you can easily choose one that suits your needs and likes. We have gathered a list of Do’s before booking your appointment at the luxury spa days near me, which are:

  • Always book the spa appointment in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Let the spa know about all your allergies or health conditions if you have any.
  • Arrive early and do not skip their consultation.
  • Plan ahead according to the spa package you choose.
  • Remember to put your work in the bag and leave it at home.
  • Try your best to relax and focus on yourself.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, and do not skip your meals.

Final Thoughts

Alright, we have completed this guide of “Top 10 Best Spa Days in London”. When you can find a good place that best suits your needs and preferences, whether you are looking for a holistic place to spend a day or get a tailored massage, you will get the place in London.

Frequently Ask Questions

If you’re looking for the spa day Greenwich, you should try Meridian Spa. According to some clients it is a luxurious spa at an affordable price in Greenwich, London.

If you are getting the complete package of a day spa, then according to experts, you should keep this in the general order you get. Like first steam, sauna, then bath (if you have any), then Scrub, Massage and in the end facial.

Meridian Spa, Greenwich, is the cheapest spa in London and offers promising services. You should definitely give it a try.

There are many of the best spas in London, like Meridian Spa, Claridge’s, Ushvani, and many more. To help you understand, we have made a whole list of the best day spas in London. Take a look.

Enjoy the best spa experience

Indulge in blissful spa services at Meridian Spa Greenwich. Contact us today for relaxation and revitalization!