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Top 7 Summer Skin Care Tips by Meridian Spa Expert

7 Summer Skin Care Tips by Meridian Spa Expert

We all love the sun-tanned glow, spending time at the beach, enjoying summer drinks, and slaying our favourite floral dress on a bright sunny day. But every year, as the sun shines brighter and the temperature rises, our skin faces new summer challenges, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, as soon as summer began, the skin problems of scorching heat also began! This is where prioritizing skin fitness becomes crucial. From rejuvenating facials to hydrating masks, our skin deserves the best skin treatments to combat the effects of the summer sun.

5 Common Summer Skin Problems Everyone Faces

Every season brings its own type of skin problems. Winter brings dry skin cracks, and summer brings sunburn, rashes, dry patches, and so much more.  At Meridian Spa, we have extensive experience in dealing with a number of skin problems related to the summer season. Some of the most common issues we encounter and can address every day are:

5 Common Summer Skin Problems Everyone Faces

  • Acne

UV rays are one of the leading causes of severe summer acne. Moreover, sweating, sebum, and high temperatures also contribute to random outbreaks.

  • Dry Skin

Summer takes away all of our skin’s moisture and causes dehydration and dry skin patches.

  • Folliculitis

Sometimes, in the summer, heat and sebum infect our hair follicles and cause itchiness. These itchiness appear as pimples, causing skin soreness.

  • Melasma

Sometimes, due to skin exposure, our skin gets burned and shows dark and grey patches called sun spots that often appear on the face and neck. This condition is called Melasma.

  • Sunburn

Sunburn is the most common sun condition caused by prolonged sun exposure. It mutates our DNA and can lead to cancer.

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The question is how to care for your skin so it does not get dull and stays as radiant as you want.

7 Tips for the Glowing Summer Skincare Routine 

To combat this, you have to bring changes into your skincare routine by tweaking a little. Don’t worry! A certified and trained dermatologist at Meridian Spa will answer all your questions. Moreover, I will help you combat all your skin conditions according to your skin type. 

It has been proven that health affects beauty alot! By following good care of your skin and lifestyle, you can get rid of all of the skin concerns and glow more radiant this summer in 2024. Below are the 7 detailed summer skin care tips to help you completely rejuvenate your skin. So, let’s get started!

7 Tips for the Glowing Summer Skincare Routine

1. Create a Skin Care Routine according to Your Skin Type

Getting a complete skin checkup from a dermatologist is the best way to ensure that your skincare routine aligns with your actual skin issues and skin type. A dermatologist can help you identify and address any skin issues that you may have. They can also provide you with personalised advice and recommend the best treatments and products for your skin. 

After identifying your skin type and understanding your condition, you can easily build your own skincare routine for the summer season. Moreover, you can use this chart of Dos and Don’ts for different skin types.

Dry Skin Oily Skin Sensitive Skin Combination
Cleanser Non-foaming cleanser Cleanse face twice a day Only use a gentle cleanser. Use to cleanse twice a day.
Sunscreen Apply lightweight sunscreen Use mattifying Sunscreen Use broad-spectrum Sunscreen. Try and pick one that suits your skin.
Moisturizer Use hydrating serums, too, with a lightweight moisturiser Oil-free Moisturiser Soothing and gentle moisturiser. Gel and water-based moisturisers are best.
Exfoliation Avoid scrubs and use chemical peels Once a Week Do not use scrubs; instead, use wipes. Use exfoliators and scrubs to keep skin Clean.
Extra Tip Drink more water Use Bloating papers Use a cool compress to calm skin irritation. You may treat the T zone separately from the rest of the face.


Hey, Are You Looking for a Free Consultation?

Well, who doesn’t like freebies? Now, you can get a free skin consultation at Meridian Spa. Here, you can consult certified and experienced dermatologists and get all the information you want. It will help you alot in building your own skincare routine.

2. Keep your Skin Clean

You must have heard about the many benefits of cleansing your skin daily and how it helps keep your skin glowing. It is all true; a study has researched the difference between the skin of two groups: one who cleans twice daily and the other who doesn’t. There was a significant improvement in the skin health of the first group. According to Dermatologists at Meridian Spa,

Double cleansing is very suitable for the oily and combination skin types. Sensitive skin and dry skin people can skip it.

  • Double Cleanse your Face

The first step towards healthy skin care for the summer season is to double-clean your skin every evening. First, use an oil-based cleanser and gently rub it into your skin. This will help you remove all oil-based impurities and cleanse your pores. Second, use a water-based cleanser and rub it on your skin. Its leather will remove all the water-based impurities.

  • Cleanse and Exfoliate

Cleansing your skin daily will give a vast number of benefits, and it is the foundation of an effective skincare routine. In addition, I would advise you to get the proper and professional cleansing once a month. Also, opt for the scrubs & wraps that are perfectly tailored according to your skin type.

3. Apply a higher SPF 

For skin care during summer, whether it is a bright sunny day or a cloudy day, always use sunscreen before stepping out of your home. Moreover, to make sure you are choosing the right sunscreen for yourself, learn about the following important factors to consider.

  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor): 

It is a very common term used to grade how much this sunscreen is protective and helpful against the sun. It is always advised to use sunscreen with more than 40 SPF.

  • Broad Spectrum

This means that these sunscreens protect against the UVA and UVB rays of sunlight.

  • PA + Rating

You may have seen PA+ or PA++ written on lots of lotions and sunscreens. It shows the protection factor against UVA rays. According to the Japanese, the more plus signs there are, the more effective they are.

  • Water Resistance

Those who swim or sweat heavily need to check this factor. Water-resistant sunscreens stay to the skin and offer protection for up to 40 to 80 minutes.

  • Mineral Vs. Chemical one

The main difference between them is that mineral sunscreen stays on the top of your skin and reflects back the UV rays. On the other hand, chemical sunscreens absorb the UV rays and neutralise them.

  • HEV Protection

HEV protection protects your skin from all of the high-energy visible light emitted by electronic devices that are harmful and contribute to skin ageing. According to one of our dermatologists,

Reapply a generous amount of SPF every 2 hours, especially in summer and high humidity.

In the end, I would like to conclude this: no matter which sunscreen you choose, try to reapply every 2-3 hours to ensure full protection and maximise your summer skincare routine. If you have already applied makeup, it is always the safest option to use sunscreen sprays on top after 2 hours.

4. Keep your Diet Healthy in Summer 

Keep your Diet Healthy in Summer

We have to be mindful of our diet according to the seasons. As our skin is naturally changing, we have to adjust accordingly. For example, our skin produces more oil in summer than in summer. To ensure your diet is getting along with your goals of skin care during summer, consider the following tips:

  • Intake Anti Oxidants

Antioxidant intake is essential in the summer. They help to protect the skin from free radical damage, which can be caused by exposure to the sun. Eating foods such as fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats can help to fight off free radicals. Additionally, drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help keep the skin hydrated and healthy.

  • Balanced Nutritious Diet

Consider complex carbohydrates like fruits and beans. Adding lean protein sources such as eggs, fish, and dairy products can enhance energy and muscle recovery. Moreover, avoid high-fat ingredients and sugary snacks that can cause indigestion, dehydration, and cramps. 

  • Dietary Recommendations

Ensure your diet is full of multivitamins like A, B, C, D, and E. Also, it contains zinc and healthy fats. Intake foods high in Omega-3 include fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds. Lastly, avoid processed food, refined sugar, high-spiced foods, and unhealthy fats.

5. Prefer Cool Showers in Summers

Getting hot showers is really not ideal in summer as they dehydrate your skin more and can make it worse if you have muscle aches. Or opt for lukewarm water to shower in summer but not hot water. They provide relief and cool down your temperature in the scorching heat. 

Take care of your hands and feet

We often take care of our face and leave the most exposed body parts, hands and feet untouched. They are equally important to take care of! Especially in the summer season, taking care of the hands and feet becomes more crucial. Due to sun exposure, sweat, and exposure to dirt make them more vulnerable. 

I recommend all my clients to at least scrub and cleanse their hands and feet 3 times a week. And for extra care, get hands & feet treatment at least once a month. 

6. Drink Water for Better Skin Care during the Summer

Drink Water for Better Skin Care during the Summer

Did you know that the amount of water you should intake daily depends on your metabolism, weight, height, and other daily routine? Well, it is true, according to the Pure Luxe Medical Research Article. Generally, adults are advised to drink 5-8 glasses of water on a daily basis to keep their skin healthy and hydrated in summer.

If you have an active routine or are in hot weather, you should increase the number of glasses you drink. This will not only keep your skin hydrated but also youthful and glowy. In addition, adequate water intake helps with blood circulation, detoxification, digestion, and maintaining skin moisture.

The importance of water intake cannot be ignored; it is also generalised for everyone. Hence, drink as much water as you need and do not ignore the dehydration signs.”  Disha Mehta Spa Therapist

7. Repair Your Skin as Needed

Repair and revitalise your skin at least once in a while; it will restore your skin balance, nutrients, and moisture and boost skin collagen. For this purpose, it is really important to consult dermatologists. They will help you better understand skin conditions and even help you choose a better facial that will replenish skin needs.

  • Get a Facial

Always choose a face mask and facial according to your needs, although it is really important to understand that there are two types of facials. One is powered by biotechnology, and it is mostly known as Biotech Facials. Aestheticians do the second with their hands, and it is commonly known as Touch Facials. There is a huge range of facials under both categories.

Choose one according to your needs and esthetician’s guide. But keep in mind that a good facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, and revitalising masks.

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  • Buy Skin Serums

Get serums for your skin according to its needs. For example, if your skin is dry, use hyaluronic serum; if your skin has blemishes, use glycolic. Moreover, if your skin barrier has been compromised, then use Ascorbic acid serum. Remember that your skin barrier is a crucial organ that helps your skin stay safe from all harmful external substances. 

How to Layer Summer Skin Routine Before Leaving Home?

How to Layer Summer Skin Routine Before Leaving Home

As mentioned, skincare layering is perfect for all skin types as it can be tweaked accordingly. Still, it is necessary to take extra care of your skin every time you step out of your home. To help you layer every skincare essential perfectly, we have described a step-by-step guide.

1. Cleanser

In summer, it is advised to use a hydrating cleanser that doesn’t leave your skin completely dry. But then again, I would suggest using a good cleanser that really suits your skin type to remove makeup and impurities. 

2. Ice Facial

Ice facials can be done in two ways: one is to rub an ice cube on your face. The second is to pour ice cubes into a bowl filled with water and dip your face into the bowl for 1 minute. Repeat for 2-3 times. It will reduce puffiness and squeeze pores.

3. Toner

The second step is to apply a toner or essence to your skin. This will close your open pores, hydrate your skin, and help balance the pH levels of the skin.

4. Serum vitamin C

Now, the third step is to apply serum to your skin. A little serum will only boost your skin health and is never too much. There is a huge range of serums out there, such as niacinamide, hyaluronic, Vitamin C, Ceramides, and many more. You can choose any one of them according to your skin needs.

5. Moisturiser

In Summer, I do not recommend any oil-based moisturiser. On the other hand, it is strongly advised to use only water-based moisturisers. This will be lightweight, will not clog your pores, and will not make your skin oily. It will lock all your serums and toners into your skin.

6. Sunscreen

Apply sunscreen that does not have any white cast and is higher than 45 spf. Moreover, pick a broad spectrum, water and sweat-resistant formula that will stay on your skin for a longer period.

7. Non Comedogenic Makeup Products

Last but not least, you should avoid all comedogenic makeup products. They can get into your pores and cause breakouts and folliculitis. Moreover, non-comedogenic substances are non-fragrant, not alcoholic, and safe for the acne-prone and sensitive skin to use.  Additionally, non-comedogenic makeup products should also be free of parabens and sulphates.

Lastly, these layers will protect your skin from environmental pollution, help it stay hydrated, and protect it from harmful UV rays. Make sure to apply each product in thin layers and let each layer absorb completely before applying the next. Finally, use a tinted moisturiser for extra coverage.

Wrapping it Up

Lastly, I would like to wrap it up with the advice that as we head to a summer skincare routine and aim for a healthy glow, we should take care of our skin as well as our health. Incorporating all of the above-mentioned summer skincare tips can restore your skin’s complexion and health. Remember to stay hydrated, Use sunscreen, moisturise, take multivitamins, and get enough sleep.

By incorporating them, you can surely enjoy glowing and healthy skin all summer long. Here, patience and consistency are the keys, as good things take time. Last but not least, consult your dermatologist as soon as you notice sunburn or any dry patch because it may be a sign your skin barrier is damaged. Enjoy your Summer!


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