Shiatsu Massage: Benefits and How to Perform it


Have you ever focused on how many people have to face body pain in a day? Some people have arthritis, while some others are facing back pain. Do you think it’s fair to bear pain instead of finding a solution?

Doctors only suggest pain medicine, but you must work on your problem. Why can’t you choose massage therapy as a solution? A pressure-building technique through which people get stress free is massage therapy.

A Shiatsu massage is also one of all of the pain-relieving massage therapies. Below is a graph from Statista that represents the health issues in the US from 2019-2022:

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The above graph explains the opinion of adults in the US about the bunch of diseases that cause death. It means most people are facing a massive amount of stress. Hence, we have to find a solution for this immense stress like a full body massage.

Before having a service of Shiatsu massage, let’s discuss what the purpose of this therapy is:

What is Shiatsu?


It’s a massage therapy that originated in Japan to remove body pain. This technique is a follow-up of an acupuncture therapy in which pressure is applied to a specific body area. The number of methods used in Shiatsu massage therapy is:

  • Kneading
  • Holding
  • Soothing
  • Pressing
  • Tapping
  • Stretching

You can also say it is a category of a Swedish massage. It’s because the methods involved are somehow relevant to Swedish massage therapy. Moreover, it is also a traditional Chinese medicine based on the principle of qi. You will also experience a traditional Chinese massage as well.

Are you curious about its works? How to Perform it? See the details about the working of Shiatsu massage therapy below:

How to Perform it?


A therapist has to rely on the thumb, fingers, and palm while doing this massage therapy. If it’s the next step of acupuncture, the practitioner will apply pressure on specific body parts. A client has to lie straight on a table or floor.

Further, a practitioner will start from his back to the upper body with the kneading and pressing technique. There are some areas in which the therapist has to hold for a span. It’s a press and holds method to relieve all types of body pain.

Let’s see the working of a Shiatsu massage here:


Other Techniques Involved in Shiatsu Massage:


Every massage treatment has numerous techniques. Some are popular, while others are used but no one mentions them. Here you can see all the other essential methods which Shiatsu therapy needs:



If you want to relieve pressure on the human nervous system, use a Canbeaky technique. The patient has to relax on a straight table or floor. Afterward, the practitioner will knead and press his body from the shoulders to the legs.

You can have its session for relaxation. The therapist will rock the body of the client by a slight motion. It’s a session to make you healthy and fit.



Do you see the stretching of a rubber band? The band has to move back after stretching to a specific point. Similarly, the Shiatsu massage session follows an extension in which a therapist will bend your body parts.

The practitioner will stretch your arms backward and then release them. It’s a technique in which a therapist has to transfer his weight to the patient. For example, stretching the arm in this technique will leave an impact from arm to neck.



Use your elbows and palms to perform massage therapy. Isn’t it new? Shiatsu massage technique is the one in which the practitioner has to put his body weight on the client. The need is to target a body part and practice the pressure technique.

The practitioner has to use fingers, thumbs, palms, and elbows to perform this massage service. He needs to push the client’s body to see the results. It feels like you are throwing the stress out of the window of your mind.



Are you feeling immense pain in your joints? You need to consult a therapist for the manipulation of your joints. To align your body components, you need to choose a massage service. Why can’t you try a rotation technique in the Traditional Shiatsu massage?

The practitioner will use circular motion during this massage session. He will apply the circular motion to the knees to release tension between the thighs. As a result, the joints will be manipulated by a Shiatsu therapy session.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage:

Every medication claims to provide you with some sort of benefit. A Shiatsu massage is also a service that claims all of the following benefits for the ones who will experience it:

  • Relief for muscles pain
  • Recover from sports injuries
  • Solution for high fever
  • Improvement in asthmatic patients
  • Good for fatigue
  • Treats the insomnia
  • Works for chronic pains or any sort of injuries
  • Best for arthritis patients
  • It helps in improving the digestive system
  • Relief from depression

This massage service’s beautiful techniques will treat all of the above issues. It’s a time to feel free from a bunch of diseases through a massage session. Go and have traditional massage therapy for your physical and mental health.

What to Expect During Shiatsu Massage?

The judgment of a client is necessary before going for a massage service. The practitioner will first check the skin nature of a clientele. What do you think a therapist will check in a cline before giving a massage? To find the answer, check the list below:

  • Skin type
  • Disease factor
  • Health condition
  • Allergic or not
  • Energy level

The energy level is the top thing that a massage therapist can’t miss in the Shiatsu session. It’s because this massage is to boost your energy level in you. Hence, the therapist will check the energy level; if it is high, he will try to normalize it.

On the contrary, if a person has a low energy level, the therapist will try to boost it through the massage. Moreover, he has to test a client’s skin type and sensitivity level. If a person possesses sensitive skin, he may face the consequences of massage therapy.

Allergies are also included in the checking of a skin type. It will be dangerous for an allergic client. For example: If your client is allergic to any skin product, he may get skin burns or swelling after experiencing massage service.

Furthermore, confirm the disease ratio in your spa clients. If the clientele suffers from a severe disease, a massage session will create a problem for him. Therefore, massage is not open to everyone; you may consider your therapist first.

Shiatsu vs. Other Massage Types

Massages are of different types, but the necessary thing which a practitioner should check is skin type. Every one of you has a right to throw away the stress from your mind, but massage is not the only option. Some people having sensitive skin can’t handle it.

Here are some common forms of massage service that you can experience for stress relief:

1.    Shiatsu Massage

It’s a subcategory of Swedish massage in which almost all massage techniques are involved. The exciting thing is that you don’t need any sort of oil to get this massage; it’s a dry massage. You may call it a follow-up of acupuncture therapy.

2.    Swedish Massage

It’s a full-body massage in which the therapist has to put oil on your body. Kneading is the well-known technique used in this category of massage. The other important thing is you have to remove your clothes. Experience a circular motion and feel light from your stress through Swedish massage therapy.

3.    Thai Massage

Removing muscle stress is the goal of this massage technique. It’s an ancient massage that has worked for people for many years. The practitioner will use the stretching technique to perform this massage service.

4.    Deep Tissue Massage

Finding and eliminating muscle pain is the main target of deep tissue massage. The therapist will knead the body and use a particular sort of oil for it. People choose this therapy for pain relief and a quick recovery from injuries.

5.    Ashiatsu Massage

A massage to provide relief through your feet is the Ashiatsu massage. The kneading of feet will exfoliate the stress from the body. A practitioner has to use the stretching technique on the feet. You have to put your shoes away while getting this massage service.

Shiatsu vs. Swedish Massage

Shiatsu vs. Swedish Massage

Shiatsu vs. Thai Massage

Shiatsu vs. Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue

What’s the Difference Between Shiatsu and Ashiatsu Massage?


Who Should Not Get a Shiatsu Massage?

A benefit will always come with a risk. Similarly, if a medication provides you with a number of benefits, prepare yourself for the dangers of experiencing that medication. Below you can see all the conditions in which a shiatsu massage session is a risk:

  • Illness or severe fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Wound or scars
  • Slight inflammation
  • Osteoporosis
  • Blood cancer
  • Having Bone fracture
  • During Chemotherapy

It’s not a problem; you may consult your doctor before going to a spa or massage studio. Your doctor will explain the chances you will have to face risks while taking a massage.

How to Find a Practitioner?

After the above discussion on massage, the question arises about its practitioner. Do you think every person can provide you with a massage? It’s wrong; you must choose a massage practitioner to get a perfect massage session.

Here are some of the tips for finding an ideal massage therapist:

  • Active listener
  • Educated
  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Careful
  • Punctual
  • Trustworthy
  • Hygienic
  • Self-confident
  • Adaptable or flexible

Try to consider all the mentioned qualities before hiring a massage practitioner. A perfect practitioner will possess all of the above attributes. If you have to compromise on some conditions, then do it but never hire a practitioner without experience.

It’s because a therapist has to perform various techniques while doing a massage. If you hire a non-professional or fresh person, the chances of mistakes will increase. You may also employ a massage therapist through your contacts in the industry.


A Shiatsu massage technique is famous all over the world. There are a few things that you need to consider while practicing this massage. You can experience this therapy after viewing its benefits and risks. Here the decision is all yours. Consider your doctor first before going to a massage studio.


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