Swedish Massage

The main goal of Swedish massage is to relieve anxiety and depression and promote relaxation. Generally, it helps to reduce pain and stress. Our Swedish massage uses gentle touch to relax the mind and body and vigorous massage of muscles that hold tension. Clients typically experience total relaxation and a feeling of spiritual release. Swedish massage is an excellent alternative to pain medications, especially for people suffering from chronic pain. Contact Meridian Spa to hire a therapist for a Swedish massage. Our services of Swedish massage therapy are full of relaxing and therapeutic, targeting tension in muscles while relaxing the whole body. It begins by asking about any physical injuries so that the therapist can avoid damaging the body further. At Meridian Spa, this type of massage begins with rubbing a soothing oil on the skin to ensure that there is no friction as the hands glide over the body. The goal is to achieve deep relaxation and promote healthy circulation in the body. This treatment is especially beneficial for people suffering from muscle pain and aches. Book Swedish Massage services and get rid of anxiety, tension, and muscle aches.

Massage Techniques

Effleurage is a forearm using a technique with more long gliding, sliding, and sweeping strokes. It is a relatively slow process and the strokes are used for spreading oil. The process is done numerous times to bring out the relaxation of the muscles.

Petri means “knead”, and just like the meaning, this technique works like kneading the dough. The kneading, rolling, and squeezing energizes the nerve's end which aids in removing impure substances in the muscles and increases circulation which leads to cell repair.


Vibration is an oscillatory movement that vibrates the body and it can be done either rapidly or slowly. Vibration slowly and gradually frees the tension in the muscles.


This technique works by rubbing back and forth. This procedure produces heat, resulting in warming up the body to be treated for further massage.


This is the massage involving rhythmic tapping and patting on the body. This motion is similar to drumming, you generate it with your hands by cupping, hacking, and chopping. This technique is the last of the massage technique.

Why Swedish Massage?

You may want to consider getting a Swedish massage. It is a form of relaxation therapy that uses soft strokes on bony areas and stronger, more powerful ones on muscles with thicker coverage. One of the most popular benefits of Swedish massage is its effects on circulation and mental health. The increased circulation allows the muscles to repair themselves faster, and it reduces mental fatigue. Another reason to choose Swedish massage is that it can make you look younger! Swedish massage can also improve your performance in physical activities. Your muscles will be relaxed, and you will have an improved range of motion. The massage may even help prevent workout injuries. If you want to feel better, schedule a Swedish massage appointment today!
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Benefits of Swedish Massage

The benefits of Swedish massage are numerous. These massages can help relieve symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. Swedish massage is often recommended to people with busy schedules, those who have a sedentary lifestyle, and those with chronic conditions. Swedish massage is also effective for enhancing immunity and can help manage conditions like the common cold, diabetes, and breast cancer. At Meridian Spa, our specialists use specialized techniques to stimulate the nerves in different parts of the body, which can improve the overall function of the body. Call us today and get rid of all the stress and anxiety and feel relaxed.

Swedish Massage FAQ’s

Here is a list of some of the most common questions we are asked about Swedish Massage.
Swedish massage and sports massage are both similar in some of their techniques but the main difference lies in the fact that Swedish massage is done for relaxation. It focuses on the circulatory system of the body to increase the blood flow in the body to promote muscle relaxation. Swedish massage also aids in the release of natural Endorphins that can boost your mood and fight against stress and depression. While sports massage focuses on the particular part and trigger points that are stiffed due to continuous work. In sports massage, we use more pressure on sore tissues and muscles.

The main difference between Swedish massage and Regular massage is the techniques. Swedish massage uses light, gentle strokes to motivate relaxation and calmness. On the other side, in a regular massage, we do not use any motive and techniques. In Swedish massage, we have the motive to relax the body, release from stress and in some cases of injury, get rid of the pain. In regular massage, we do not have any techniques

Swedish massage uses deeper pressure in a circular motion to release the tension of the muscles but, in deep tissue massage, we use long and slow strokes with intense pressure to relieve stress in overworked muscles either from sports or intense exercise. A significant difference is that more pressure is applied in deep tissue massage than in Swedish massage.

Swedish massage provides relief to the body and mind and lowers blood pressure. if you are bothered about your general health and relaxation or have an active lifestyle, you should take the Swedish massage once a week. If you want to reduce your pain, your massage schedule will be according to it. Some pain requires massage twice a week and some pain is dealt with a monthly massage.
If you are thinking of getting a Swedish massage, make sure you prepare yourself well before it. Following tips are given that you should follow before a Swedish massage.

1- You should keep your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Hydrated muscles tend to loosen up quickly.
2- Take a hot shower before a Swedish massage. Hot water will ease your tensed muscles and will make your massage pleasant.
3- Make sure you wear proper clothes and undergarments because you will be uncovered for the massage. Your comfort will be their priority, but you should prepare extra clothes.
4- Avoid large meals before the massage because it may cause you to discomfort to lay and you may be bothered by it and would not be relaxed by it.
5- Ensure that you have packed a towel before a Swedish massage because you may want to wipe the excess oil or lotions from your body after the massage is finished.