How to Give a Good Back Massage

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Giving a relaxing massage is often the job of professional therapists, but now you can just give somebody a massage by learning a few techniques. Back massage is the best thing you can have to relax your body and mind after a series of tiring days at work.

You are free to have a massage of any muscle group of your body. Most individuals prefer to go for a full body massage that covers their relaxation therapy from head to toe. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how you can give a good massage at home without having any professional training.

There are a few aspects of massage that your need to learn and implement for a rejuvenating massage experience. Understand the fact that you are not a professional therapist, so pay close attention to movement and try not to apply a lot of pressure during the massage. Other than these, you can perform routine moves and techniques to provide a refreshing massage experience.

According to Meridian Spa, Here are the steps to get started with a back massage:

1- Preparing the room

Preparing the room

Make sure the room has an ideal temperature. Not too cold or too hot, just about the right temperature. However, most massage therapies are done in dedicated massage rooms where everything is set according to the standards. But at home, you can just find a quiet room and prepare it for the massage treatment.

You can use a couch, bed, or a table and use a soft mat on it. Make sure there are not any comfort issues for the person according to their weight and height. Also, ensure that the mat you are using is at least two inches thick.

You can spread an additional sheet or a towel on the mat for hygienic purposes. Also, it can absorb any additional oil that you are going to use.

Your room cannot be prepared without warm lighting, a scent, and music. Use dim lights and try some classical music to make a relaxing ambiance. Lighting up the candles is also a great choice. However, you can ask the person for any suggestions.

2- Have the person lie down on

Have the person lie down on the massage mat

Massage therapy is best done without the presence of clothes. Allow the person to undress their back for massage therapy. Especially when you are using oil or oil for massage, it is better to prevent clothes from getting stained. Keep extra towels with you to ensure appropriate usage during the massage.

Keep in mind the comfort level of the next person and try not to enforce any suggestion. It is meant to make their mind and body calm and relaxed and not give them anything to worry about. Though, you are free to ask for any suggestions regarding the massage lotion or oil. There may be a chance of skin sensitivity to certain oils or lotions.

In the case of back massage, the person must lie facing downwards. He or she can use a pillow for the required comfort level. Once he or she feels comfortable in the lie-down position, you may proceed to expose the back and start with the massage.

3- Start the massage

Start the massage

Before you start the massage, you can tell the person you are about to start it. Just to make sure he does not feel shocked by a sudden touch. Also, give them the liberty of letting you know about anything uncomfortable or unpleasant during the massage.

The goal is to provide a relieving massage experience. You can ask him for any muscle or spot where they feel any tension or pain.

●     Pour warm lotion or oil into your hands

Take a tablespoon of oil and rub it on your hands. You are free to choose any oil. Normally coconut oil, almond oil, and grape seed oil are used.

Start with the mid of the back and use gliding movement back and forth to spread the oil. It is often done with a bit of friction to add a comforting touch to it. However, you can increase or decrease the pressure depending on their liking.

●     Use Massage techniques

Use your whole hand and start from the lower back of the person and move upwards. It promotes the blood flow and oxygen supply to the organs of the body.

Repeat the same hand movement for a few minutes with light pressure to warm up the back muscles.

There are a few techniques you can utilize to provide exceptional massage therapy.

1.    Petrissage techniques

This technique utilizes shorter, round hand movements with a bit of pressure. It can also be perceived as kneading as it uses pressing and rolling movements at the same time. It promotes blood circulation in tired or cramped muscles and relieves them by enhancing oxygen flow.

2.    Percussive strokes

Percussive strokes are repetitive contacts of your palm or fingertips on the back. It can relieve tensed muscles when you press them with your fingertips or the knuckle side of your hand. You can do this technique for 5-7 minutes on the person’s back muscles for an effective massage experience.

3.    Muscle-lifting techniques

The muscle lifting technique uses your fingers and holding out the thumb of your hand. It is a continuous movement to lift up the muscle with fingers and keep your thumb steady on a place. You can repeat this movement 3-4 times and from downside to upside.

4.    Fanning technique

The Fanning technique starts from the head side of the person. Use both your hand on either side of the spine and push gently downwards with steady pressure. It provides a great sense of relief, like all the fatigue is leaving your body.

Make sure you are pressing the muscles on both sides of the spine and not applying pressure on the spine. Also, ask the person for the right amount of pressure that relieves their fatigue and relaxes their body.

Final Words

Now that you know all the basics of giving a back massage. You can set up the massage space, pick suitable oils and proceed to give relaxing massage therapy. There are a few things where you can ask for suggestions from the other person. Usually, the massage session lasts anywhere between 20 mins to 60 mins. However, the time duration can vary with the specific needs and results that are required from massage therapy.


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