How To Massage a Knot Out Of Back

How To Massage A Knot Out Of Back

What are muscles knots?

A muscle knot is a tightened area in your muscle that is stiff and causes pain in your body. It is often caused by overusing a muscle or an injury to the muscle fibers. It is usually formed on the shoulder, back, or neck muscles. A muscle knot is sensitive and painful to touch.

The stiffness of the muscle knot often causes swelling or pain in the other parts of your body. It can feel bumpy or swollen muscle on the touch. The affected muscle area can show signs of inflammation or swelling.

Muscle knots can form anywhere in the body. A sedentary lifestyle or prolonged bed rest can also be the reason for muscle knots.

Here we are going to discuss common causes of muscle knots.

Causes of muscle knots?

Causes of muscle knots
Some of the most common causes of muscles knots are as follows:

  • Muscles injury
  • Overusing of muscle fibers
  • Tension and stress
  • Physical trauma
  • Less than usual water intake
  • Unhealthy eating routine
  • Poor body posture

Treatment of muscle knots

  1. Physical therapy
  2. Rest, stretch and exercise
  3. Cold and hot therapy
  4. Pain-relieving medication
  5. Massage therapy

How is massage therapy useful in treating muscle knots?

Massage therapy is equally helpful in treating muscle knots as it increases blood flow and relieves the muscles. There are multiple techniques of massage that are utilized to relax the muscles and body. In the case of treating muscle knots, it usually requires more than a single massage session.

1.   Self Massage

Self Massage
Self-massage is an effective way to relieve muscle knots. You can gently massage yourself with your fingertips on the affected area. Use your fingertips in a circular motion to loosen up the muscle stiffness and treat muscle knots. You can also use any essential oil to perform the massage much more easily. Press firmly in the affected muscle and work your finger away from the target area. If your hands are unreachable from the area, you can use a foam roller or tennis ball to put pressure on the stiff muscle knot.

2.   Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is one of the most diverse types of massage than can be done for any body type. It includes multiple techniques such as tapping, kneading and putting pressure using hand knuckles. Also, many types of natural oils or lotions are used during the massage for a soothing effect and to avoid friction on the skin.

The main goal of Swedish massage is to increase blood flow in your body’s stiff or painful areas. The masseur uses the palm of their hand to treat the painful muscles, loosen up the muscle tissue and relieve the stiffness.

3.   Sports Massage

Sports Massage
Sports massage is a soft form of tissue massage that uses techniques such as kneading effleurage and wringing. It is often performed to treat stiff muscles and joints. And also help to increase flexibility and improve the range of motion of the muscles. Sports massage is a job of a professional massage therapist, as it requires thorough knowledge of muscles and joints.

4.   Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage
Deep tissue massage works just like a Swedish massage but works deep through your muscles and tissues. It helps loosen up the muscle layers and reduces stiffness and pain. Slow and long hand strokes are performed on the stiff muscle knots repeatedly. Moreover, performing slow hand movements results in relieving stress from the tightened muscle tissues. However, deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and may cause a moderate level of discomfort when having the massage. But it surely does wonders to open up your stiff muscles knots.

Tips to avoid muscle knots

  • Work on correcting your body posture in your daily routine
  • Sit with a straight back and relaxed muscles to avoid slouching
  • Give enough time to your body to recover from fatigue and muscle soreness
  • Try to add some physical activity to your routine and leave a sedentary lifestyle
  • Go easy on your body, and warm up before performing any exercise.
  • Avoid sitting for too long, take a break from everything, and move your body once an hour.
  • Eat healthy foods rich in calcium and magnesium and stay hydrated.
  • Perform body stretches even when you are working or sitting on the couch
  • Get regular massage sessions from Professionals like Meridian Spa to relieve the stress and relax your body.


Muscle knots are usually painful and hinder your muscles and joints’ range of motion. Knots usually appear swollen or bumpy on your neck, back, or leg. However, you may have them without any significant reason. There are a few steps you can take to reduce the chances of having stiff muscle knots. Take time to stretch your muscles and relax your body. Get a relaxing massage to relieve the stressed muscles of your body.

If you plan to get any type of massage for muscle knots, check out Meridian Spa UK for its diverse range of massages by professional therapists. Head over to the website and get your muscles relieved now.



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