Sports Massage

£35 (30 min)£60 (60 min)

A more anatomically specific form of massage that helps reduce the demands sports place on the body.


A sports massage is supposed to be comfortable and pain-free. Choosing a licensed massage therapist is important for several reasons. A skilled therapist in Meridian Spa knows how to apply pressure to specific areas of the body and can tailor their work accordingly.

Having a sports massage Greenwich therapist who specializes in sports injuries is a great way to improve your overall health. Our experienced therapists can adapt treatment plans accordingly to the individual needs of the athlete. Our professional therapist will have experience working with athletes and can offer you recommendations for a massage. It is important to find a reputable sports massage therapist with experience in this field.

Sports massage therapy can help athletes prepare for competition or enhance their performance in the event itself. Depending on the athlete’s needs, different techniques are used to provide the most effective results. For example, one technique will be more effective for athletes with knee pain than another. And there are also several types of sports massage we offer, including kneading and compression. These massage techniques can help improve muscle flexibility and reduce blood pressure, which can help prevent injury and boost performance.


To confirm your appointment and adhere to our 48-hour cancellation policy, a 100% deposit is mandatory for all bookings. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for comprehensive information on deposit requirements.

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