Pre and Post-Workout Massage

Pre and Post-Workout Massage

You must have wondered why our muscle sores every time we try to set new goals in our gym workout. We all have been through this, and it feels like an inevitable part of the exercise that we can never skip. That is primarily because of the formation of tiny tears in our muscles due to HIIT, circuits, or extra sets. Also, It is worse in the first few days of hitting a gym after a long break, known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

However, there are a variety of recovery treatments that athletes can benefit from these days, like stretching right after the workout. To help sore muscles calm down and repair the tears in the muscles, massage therapy can take the recovery to a whole new level.

Now, whether we should get massages before or after the workout is a big question. As some people like to get a massage before the workout, and some prefer it after the workout. To get the answer to this question, let’s get into it.

What is Workout Massage?

A workout massage, also known as a sports massage, is explicitly designed for athletes and fitness lovers who work out daily. This message deeply works on the sore muscles, reducing their inflammation and helping them boost recovery time, perform better, etc.

Benefits of Pre-Workout Massage

Getting sports massages for specific body parts or a full body massage helps eliminate the long day of tiredness. In addition, it helps you to stay focused on workouts with more energy. Merely 30 minutes of massage before the gym class or workout will prepare your body for effective exercise. Furthermore, it will help you with the following:

Infographic: Benefits of Pre-Workout Massage

1. Increase flexibility

Getting a pre-workout massages loosens the muscles and increases their flexibility, and it reduces injury risks.

2. Increase energy and strength

Sometimes, we don’t feel like working out that much after a long day at work or a desk job. That is when the pre-massage helps us out and boosts energy.

3. Range of motion

It warms up the muscle layers and increases the range of motion, which really helps in better and more effective exercise movements.  

4. Reduce soreness of Muscles

It reduces pre-existing soreness in the muscles and helps in working out more. It also decreases the time span of DOMS and achiness in muscles after the workout.

5. Increase Blood Circulation in the Body

Getting a massage before a workout increases blood flow and warms up your body, which will likely help you train harder.

6. Improves overall performance

According to lots of athletes or fitness lovers, getting a massage before work helps them do circuits and HIIT easily.

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Benefits of the Post-Workout Massage

We must have heard before that stretching your body after the workout helps reduce the effect of DOMS. However, getting a sports massage for specific parts or a full-body massage after the workout has much more benefits than just this. If you are looking for an effective way to combat this and improve your workout results, find a sports massage near me. Then, enjoy the following benefits of the post-workout massage.

Infographic: Benefits of the Post-Workout Massage

1. Reduce Inflammation and DOMS

Getting a massage after the workout releases all the muscle tension and reduces the aches and inflammation. Giving relief from the pain and discomfort.

2. Improve Range of Motion and Flexibility

Sometimes, the range of motion is minimised after HIIT, which affects daily life routines. A post-workout massage will help you combat this effectively.

3. Increase Blood Circulation and Better Nutrition

There is an increased flow of oxygenated blood, which is necessary to nourish muscles, help remove toxins, and repair torn tissues.

4. Relaxed Feeling of Achievement

It will give you a delightful ending after an effective workout. Sports massage will induce the flow of endorphins and improve your mood drastically.

5. Improves Body Posture

A post-workout massage will strengthen the muscles and really aid in improving the body’s posture.

6. Cramps Less Sleep

After the workout, a sports massage releases hormones like endorphins. This eventually reduces stress and makes you feel good. It also helps you release tension and depression and improves your sleep patterns.

Which one is better, a Pre- or Post-workout Massage?

Getting a massage before the workout will warm up and give you more oxygen. That will further help you to train better without any risk. However, some research has shown that a pro workout may reduce muscular activity and slow speed. That is the result of the parasympathetic nervous system. The contradictory results of the various studies indicate the complexity of the topic.

Ultimately, when we want to conclude this, do we have to take the pre-workout or post-workout massage? It all narrowed down to personal preferences and needs depending on individual needs. Some people find that pre-workout massage helps them warm up and relax before exercising. That really helps them improve their performance. Meanwhile, others find that post-workout massage helps them wind down and recover from strenuous activity.

Bottom Line

While concluding, we would say that pre or post-workout massage do offer valuable benefits to athletes or active fitness freaks. They contribute significantly to their well-being, supporting their fitness goals and maintaining a healthy life. In addition, they aid in removing metabolic waste, enhancing tissue repair, and relaxing the body. To optimise the results of the workout and massage even further, try this:

  • Take a protein-rich diet that is essential to help repair and build muscle mass. 
  • Taking a quick ice bath will also help reduce inflammation and muscle pain. 
  • Finally, getting enough rest is vital to help the body recover.

Consistency is the key here. Regular training, massage sessions, and a healthy diet will help you easily reach your fitness goals. They will also aid muscle development and boost energy levels.


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