How to Plan The Perfect Spa Day in London?

Planning spa day in London

After a whole week of hard work, you deserve a perfectly planned spa day in London that fits your needs just as you dreamed. A spa with a soothing ambiance, professional massage therapists gliding all the stress out from your body. Perfectly designed a place where you enter, leaving out all your city life stress and rewind your life in a beautiful way. 

When we talk about one of the most luxurious and best spa day plans, how can we forget about the full body scrub, saunas, facials, and much more? The list is still going on and doesn’t end here. Spa days in Greenwich offer a vast range of services and relaxing experiences from which you can choose. Now is the right time to plan out the peerless and the most memorable spa day experience of your life and take a fresh start.

Step-by-Step Guide to Plan The Perfect Spa Day

A perfect spa day in London is a pinnacle of luxury and comfort. If you haven’t visited before, you will be very excited about this, right? Don’t worry—we have covered you here! To help you in this process, we have put together a step-by-step guide to get you a refined and impeccable spa day experience. So, let’s start!

Steps to plan spa day in london

1. Choosing the Right Spa Day in London for You

The first and most important thing is to choose the best spa days near me, or else whole efforts and bills will go down the drain. Plus, always look for a spa that is convenient to travel and situated at a minimum distance from your residence or office. In addition, try to look out for the following key aspects in your chosen spa day:

  • For a more luxurious experience, you may choose the spa with the better and more luxurious facilities such as Sauna, Jacuzzi, massage tables, and biotec facials.
  • Research the specialities and expertise of these day spas, and choose one that matches your own interests.
  • There are lots of spa treatments, such as traditional ones, holistic wellness treatments, and beauty treatments. Ensure your chosen spa has the one you are looking for.
  • Lastly, before opting for one, read their reviews on Google or free book a consultation before for better insights.

2. Customising Your Spa Day

After choosing the suitable and convenient to travel spa day in London, it is time to select the treatments and services you want. But before that, the most important thing that should not be skipped here is to customise your spa day experiences. As everyone is unique, their preferences and needs are unique too. Hence, it is essential to craft your spa services accordingly. 

  • Firstly, jog down the list of end results you want from the spa day. For example, you may be looking forward to relaxing, relieving body pain, or even getting glowy skin.
  • Secondly, don’t forget to consider your medical conditions or allergies if you have any beforehand. This will help you choose accordingly or help spa day staff take necessary precautions.

3. Spa Amenities and Features

When it comes to spa day, London has some real gems that offer a huge variety of services with a perfect blend of innovation and cultural diversity. The most popular and essentials of a spa day plan are the following:

  • Variety of Massages: Wide variety of massages, from cultural Ayurvedic to customised sports massage.
  • Multiple Facials: Depending on the skin’s needs, they offer a wide variety of facials, from rehydrating to resurfacing. 
  • Body Scrubs & Wraps: It is a very traditional way to detoxify your body and nourish your skin to feel revitalised and refreshed.
  • Range of Hydrotherapies: A perfect place to de-stress and rehydrate yourself would be laced with saunas, hot baths, and steam rooms.

4. Disconnect with the Life and Relax

In this digital age, the key to happiness is to sometimes disconnect from the bustling world and reconnect with yourself. Try to build a mind-body connection. 

  • The moment you step into the spa, try your best to let go of all the tensions and focus on yourself.
  • Cut off your mobile phone and enjoy the feeling of being disconnected from the world and reconnecting to yourself.
  • Arrive a little early and enjoy every minute here. It will help you destress, detoxify, and rejuvenate yourself.

Bottom Line

If this is your first time, feeling nervous about privacy and security is a common instinct. But don’t worry. You can ask about any of your concerns beforehand and seek guidance from the therapist over here. Moreover, to enhance your spa experience even further, try the following tips:

  • Keep your phone or any other electronic device in the locker.
  • Choose the gender of your therapist, and maybe you feel more comfortable around genders alike.
  • Remember that you are spying here for the most perfect spa day experience of your life, so speak up if anything goes to the north.
  • Plan the order of services you want, one after another.
  • After a spa day, wait a little to go into the shower after the spa day 
  • Avoid makeup right after the spa day (as there is a possibility your skin pores are open.)

Although there are some times when you are planning a DIY spa day, once a week, it’s necessary to feel pampered. For that, many spa days in London offer a range of treatments, from massages and facials to yoga classes and spa treatments. So whether you’re looking for a day of distress or a day of pampering, you will get all of the spa days in Greenwich with Meridian Spa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What not to do after a spa day?

There are lots of dos and don’ts after a spa day, but the most advised things to avoid are the following:

  • Skip Heavy Meals if you do not want to feel nauseous.
  • Do not smoke or drink it will make you a lot dehydrated
  • Avoid all heavy sweating activities that can cause bristles on your body.
  • Your skin would be very sensitive and peeled after a spa day, so avoid applying chemicals or sun exposure.

What to wear under a robe at a spa?

To feel comfortable, you are advised not to wear anything under the robe, but if you insist on wearing it, you may do so according to your planned spa day.

Why are spa days so tiring?

Due to the many relaxing experiences, such as massages, facials, and saunas, our bodies decompress. This consumes lots of energy and leaves us feeling tired.

How much is a spa day in London?

Depending on the spa days and treatments you choose, the cost of a spa day experience may vary. However, on average, the spa day experience starts from £129 and goes upwards.

Where to go for a spa day in London?

There are lots of great day spas in London, but some of the most luxurious ones are Meridian Spa, Aire Ancient Baths, and Four Seasons.


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