8 Benefits of Sports Massage for Marathon Runners

Benefits of sports massage for marathon runners

Are you preparing to participate in the TCS London Marathon next month and want restorative massage therapies to stay fit and well? Then a sports massage for marathon runners is for you! You must have heard about this before. It is a very popular technique among runners and athletes of all kinds. Moreover, it is a very popular medical therapy with undeniable holistic healing properties.

Sports Massage is a specialised form of massage technique that mainly focuses on managing, manipulating and rehabilitating soft tissues in the body. Initially, it was designed specifically for athletes and runners to address their physical concerns and help them to 

  • Prepare for their big day
  • Prevent injuries effectively
  • Maintain healthy bodies for athletic activities
  • Overall, to enhance their fitness levels.

Not just these, there are plenty of other health benefits of sports massage for runners. 

Benefits of Sports Massage for Marathon Runners

infographic: Advantages of sports massage

This therapeutic technique of massage creates certain psychological reactions, such as dilation of blood vessels, improvement of blood flow, and control of high blood pressure. These impacts are noteworthy for all runners but specifically for those runners looking forward to improving their performance and recovering quickly. 

However, try to understand that this message differs from all the other relaxing massages people get at a spa. Instead, it is a deep-focused massage intended to align soft tissues and is only performed by a licensed and qualified professional. Below are some sports massage benefits for marathon runners you should know about!   

1. It Improves Blood Circulation Effectively

One of the biggest benefits of sports massage for runners is that it dilates vessels and stimulates blood flow throughout the body. This helps muscles and organs get oxygen and nutrients more appropriately and timely. Moreover, it removes muscle waste products like lactic acid and amino acids. 

2. Sports Massage Lighter Muscles Tension & Reduce Soreness

Runners and athletes usually feel pain following a run in their body, which is the result of microscopic tears. A study shows that sports massage reduces runners’ fatigue and muscle soreness (DOMS) after training. Since massage helps increase the blood flow to the muscles, it helps flush waste products that reduce inflammation and aches, which is just a common side effect of vigorous training.

3. Sports Massage Increases Muscle Flexibility

Connective tissues get tensed while running and training, which affects further activities. Sports massage for runners knee solves this problem, by applying deep pressure on the connective tissues in the knee. It relaxes tense muscles that limit motion and enhances flexibility and range of motion.

4. It Strengthens the Muscles and Helps Prevent Injury

A professional sports massage for runners in London can easily help you determine which parts of your body are through the muscle activation test. As those parts of the body that are more active are more prone to injury and muscle soreness, they will guide you in recovering them. Moreover, getting a frequent sports massage will nourish your muscles and prevent injuries.

5. Sports Massage Drastically Optimise Performance

By getting frequent sports massages near me, you can easily feel the difference in your muscle tension, reduction in stress, and improved range of motion and flexibility. Moreover, it helps identify problematic areas and restore muscle balance to the musculoskeletal system. Altogether, it drastically improves runners’ performance by optimising their training and maximising performance.

6. It Works as Physical Therapy and Aids in Recovery

Sports massage works wonders for preventing injuries and recovering from them. Once a runner is injured, sports massage helps them recover after treatment by medical professionals. The special techniques of sports massage, such as kneading and deep pressure, are used to warm up muscles, enhance circulation, reduce soreness, and wash away toxins. This will speed up recovery by providing oxygenated blood and necessary nutrients and restoring health.

7. Reduce Cortisol levels (Stress Management)

Although it has nothing to do specifically with marathon runners, mental health is a very significant part of life. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and there is enough research into the fact that sports massage significantly reduces cortisol, epinephrine, and epinephrine levels. That leads to decreased heart rate, blood pressure, and overall stress levels. Moreover, the touch of massage therapists releases oxytocin, which is associated with social bonding and reduces anxiety.

8. Sports Massage Helps Restore Body Posture

Sports massage increases muscle mobility and reduces stiffness, allowing the muscles to return to normal posture. In addition, it addresses the primary causes of poor posture and realigns the body muscles, restoring the body’s posture. Moreover, it provides long-term relief from back pain and reduces the chances of recurrence.

Overall, the benefits of sports massage play a vital role in preparing athletes for peak performance, aiding in recovery, and maintaining optimal physical condition. All of which are essential for achieving and sustaining high-level athletic performance.

Tips to Optimise the Advantages of the Sports Massage

Infographic: Tips about sports massage for runners

Sports massage is a haven made for marathon runners, and here are some extra tips to multiply its positive effects on the body. The key point is to remember everything matters, from communication to the number of times you get the massage. 

  • Engage and Discuss Your Concerns with a Sports Massage Therapist

After successfully finding a sports massage for runners near me, try your best to build a connection with the massage therapist. That starts with sharing all your health concerns, preferences, and, most importantly, your goals.

  • The Number of Sessions You get

The regularity of your massage sessions and the number of frequencies matters a lot. You can precisely say it has a cumulative effect; the more you get it, the more it will benefit you. Also, it is worth noting that getting a massage after running and intense training will drastically improve your performance and training.

  • Get Tailored Experiences

Get customised sports massage according to your body needs and goals. This covers the body parts to focus on, massage techniques to use, and the duration of therapeutic sessions.

  • Protein-enriched Diet

Being a Marathon runner takes a lot of commitment and physical strength to train and run. Try to keep your diet protein-rich and have fibres; they will strengthen your muscles and improve mobility. Also, staying hydrated will keep metabolic waste removal in check.

Note: Although it cannot substitute for the effect of training sports, the benefits of massage for runners are enough to prove its significance. Also, indicate that it should be used along with treatments and training programs.

Bottom Line

Sports massage is an invaluable tool for TCS London Marathon training to enhance their performance, aid recovery, and maintain their optimal physical condition, especially when coupled with sessions at Meridian Spa. You can reap as many benefits as you want by effectively incorporating this into the training routine.

While focusing on the benefits of sports massage for runners, select the professional sports massage near me because it is about putting your health first. Having a trained and certified professional by your side will make your hustle beneficial and make your dreams come true.


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