What is Reflexology and Its Health Benefits?

What You Should Know About Reflexology and It’s Health Benefits

Many people wonder what is Reflexology? Although there are many forms of alternative medicine, reflexology falls somewhere in the middle. Reflexology is an alternative method of healing that has been around for centuries. Though it wasn’t until recent years that it became popular in the western world. Its popularity has grown exponentially, even in the last few years. The techniques of reflexology are ancient ones. They have been found in traditional Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and the Japanese Soku Shin Do. The techniques of Reflexology are not new, they just came out of the mainstream a little bit.

What is Reflexology?

So, what is Reflexology? Reflexology is the process of applying pressure to specific regions on your feet or hands to relieve pain. It will help you to improve the overall health of the body. What’s so unique about reflexology? However, is that it combines the benefits of these techniques with massage therapy. As a result, reflexology treatment is so soothing and relaxing. But it is can also have health benefits as well. Meridian Spa is the best option for you to get a reflexology massage.


Aside from the health benefits of reflexology, the technique is also used to alleviate stress and anxiety. According to reflexology practitioners, Reflex Points located on different parts of the body help to regulate and increase one’s overall level of stress. The most commonly located Reflex Point is located in the center of the back, which helps to calm and relax the entire body. Reflexology treatments often employ meditation and other relaxation techniques to fully reap the health benefits of Reflexology.

Theory of Reflexology:

There is also some preliminary evidence that suggests that reflexology may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. It may also boost immune function. However, there is currently no evidence that reflexology has any effect on the growth or development of tumors. Based on a study published by the American Journal of Cancer, it was concluded, “Although reflexology has been associated with a reduction in the incidence of certain cancers.” Similarly, a systematic review published in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded, “The evidence is unclear as to whether reflexology treatment reduces the risk of cancer or whether it enhances the likelihood of contracting cancer.”

Many people suffering from illness, pain, and ailments such as joint disorders, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and tension headaches have found relief through Reflexology. However, before embarking upon reflexology treatment, it is important to get professional advice. Specially trained and experienced reflexologists are available in a spa in Greenwich. They can help you understand the nature of reflexology and its benefits.

Many doctors recommend using both conventional treatments and reflexology combined. Most major hospitals in the USA and globally recognize both reflexology treatments and advise their patients to combine treatments. Many chiropractors, herbalists, osteopaths, and other healthcare professionals are recommending reflexology treatments to patients. Best for those who are trying to manage common illnesses and also manage conditions such as chronic pain.

Relationship with Chinese Medicine:

Although there are many practical benefits of reflexology. One of the most important is its relationship with Chinese medicine. In China and Japan, reflexology has been used for centuries and is considered a complementary form of healing. In some cases, reflexology can be used in place of traditional medicine. And instead of treating a problem, it can help to identify a problem. During a reflexology session, you will probably be asked to focus your attention on a point on your body. However, this is not the only way that this therapy works.

Benefits of Reflexology:

When you think of reflexology, you probably think of it as some kind of miracle. Some people call it a life force. Others believe that it’s simply the result of the deep relaxation that people get when they lie down on a reflexology table. While there may be truth to these beliefs, it is much more than that. This reflexology treatment is just one of many ways to achieve and enhance balance in our bodies and minds.

The benefits of reflexology include

  • it’s the ability to stimulate natural nerve function,
  • enhance circulation,
  • increase overall energy,
  • restore balance to the body,
  • eliminate body toxin with reflexology,
  • speed up recovery from injury and illnesses,
  • cleanse the urinary system,
  • relieve stress and restore mental clarity

Read on to discover the benefits of reflexology therapy for stress-free reflexology.

Stress-Free Reflexology:

Stress is a very real problem for everyone. It is said that stress is responsible for most of the diseases that we experience. Most of us know that a reflexology treatment can relieve stress and tension. But did you know that this treatment can also help to balance and improve the overall health of your body? Relaxation is one of the main benefits of reflexology therapy. When your body is balanced and relaxed, you will notice that you feel more energized and awake.

Health Benefits:

It has been proven that reflexology can provide a host of health benefits. Aside from helping to relieve stress and tension, it can also help to balance and improve your body systems. Many individuals report feeling more alert and able to focus when they have had a reflexology therapy session. This improved energy allows them to better take on their daily responsibilities. Not only does a healthy body make us feel great. But it can also help to prevent certain illnesses that are related to over-tension and stress.

Pain Relief:

Many individuals suffering from arthritis or other physical ailments find that reflexology helps to relieve pain and reduce discomfort. Some people report that reflexology therapy alleviates pain when it comes to arthritic joints. Other people enjoy the benefits of reflexology for their stiff and painful heart muscles. In general, many people find that effects of reflexology can reduce the effects of pain on their internal organs. The soothing effects that are experienced by those who practice reflexology can help to bring relief to these internal organs.

Some of the pain relief comes from the ability of reflexology to increase the flow of blood in the body. And decrease the amount of stress and tension that a patient is experiencing. Acupoints placed in the reflex zone can bring increased blood flow to the area. This increased flow of blood provides a calming effect and relieves the patient of tension and pain. This effect can help to make it easier for the patient to relax in the process. In addition, helps them avoid getting a headache if the pain gets too much.

Blood Circulation:

When you receive reflexology treatment, it can help to improve your blood circulation. Proper circulation in the blood enables oxygen to travel to all of the cells in your body. Improving your blood circulation can enhance the overall benefits of reflexology. As it improves the overall function of the central nervous system.

Surgical Benefits:

As with any type of alternative therapy, some practitioners claim that reflexology is the best way to get surgical benefits. Reflexology can provide medical benefits beyond those that can be achieved through regular use of the treatment. For example, reflexology can increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. This may result in an enhancement in the effectiveness of neurological treatment. There have also been reports that systematic reviews of surgical treatments have found significant improvements in patients. Especially in those who have undergone surgical treatments. This may be because many of the drugs used in these types of surgical treatments often work to block the action of reflex activity.


Although acupuncture is not directly related to reflexology, the two practices may work together to provide similar benefits. The process of using acupoints to treat different body parts can be similar to the process of reflexology. In addition, practitioners who specialize in both practices may be trained in the same methods and the same theories surrounding the benefits of reflexology. It is important to note that although there have been reports that there are some similarities between the two practices. There are also several different opinions about whether reflexology works or not.

Treating Ailments:

One of the other major benefits of reflexology is its use of various pressure points on the body. These pressure points, or “Reflex Points,” are areas of the body that have the natural ability to heal themselves. This is why reflexology treatment is so effective in treating a variety of ailments and health conditions. Including chronic headaches, migraines, back pain, joint pain, and arthritis. Another benefit of a reflexology treatment is the fact that it is very effective at increasing one’s energy levels.

Overall, it is not clear whether Reflexology treatment increases the likelihood of developing cancer or whether it simply reduces pain and anxiety associated with illnesses. However, research is ongoing and the benefits of Reflexology may provide additional health benefits in the future. For example, more research is exploring the use of reflexology helps to reduce pain associated with chronic pain such as cancer.

Increase Level of Relaxation:

One of the main benefits of reflexology is the ability to increase the overall relaxation level throughout the body. By relaxing the muscles, we move our bodies out of a stressed state into a relaxed state of physical balance. You can also balance your minds and emotions. But it is only possible if you are physically balanced. The increased level of relaxation not only affects the mental aspects of our lives but can impact the ability of our immune system to fight disease and illness.


Relief of Tension and Headache:

Another health benefit of the reflexology is the relief of headaches, migraines, and tension headaches. These types of headaches are often associated with tension and stress. By stimulating the flow of blood, nerves, and capillaries the effects of tension and stress can be relieved that provides relief from the symptoms of these conditions. This type of reflexology is often complementary therapy to other forms of alternative therapies such as acupuncture and acupressure.

Manage Chronic Pain:

When people are suffering from a chronic health condition, they may often find that they need to rely on pain-relieving medications. However, sometimes these medications can have negative side effects that make it difficult to continue to take them on a long-term basis. For this reason, it may be beneficial for patients to explore the possibility of reflexology treatments. By allowing the body’s natural healing abilities to work on an ongoing basis, people can learn to manage chronic pain. They will be able to avoid the harmful side effects that can be caused by taking pain medications regularly.

Improve Overall Wellbeing:

Reflexology can help to improve the overall well-being of your health as well as your life. To receive the benefits of reflexology massage, you may want to try it at least once in the course of your treatment. This will let you see what the benefits of reflexology are for you. You may also decide to take advantage of a reflexology massage when you have a specific health condition and are not sure if it will be a helpful treatment. Even if you never plan to use reflexology massage in the course of your therapy, you will find that the many health benefits of this technique make it well worth your while to continue to practice.


As you can see, the benefits of reflexology can be quite extensive. Whether you are looking to relax before a stressful day or you are suffering from a specific ailment such as fibromyalgia or low back pain, this type of therapeutic full body massage can help you get the relief that you need. There are many providers of reflexology services, and you can find a provider near you by searching online. By making use of the services of a professional reflexology therapist you will allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of a thorough therapy which will have a positive effect on your health and well-being.


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