Is It Safe to Get a Massage While Pregnancy?

Is It Safe to Get a Massage While Pregnancy

Yes, it is safe to get a massage while pregnant. Getting a pregnancy massage is like giving your body a nice break and helping your blood move around better. However, make sure you are taking all the precautionary measures, and keeping your baby safe while enjoying the massages.

What’s more magical than bringing a new life to the world? However, the hardship it follows can make it difficult sometimes. Statistically speaking, the birth rate in the US has increased by 0.09% since 2022, making the birth rate 12.023 per 1000 people in 2023

The feeling of overwhelmedness, love, and nurture comes with aches, discomfort, and pain. In such situations, women tend to consult for various opinions regarding whether or not the pregnancy messages are safe or not. The following blog will discuss which types of massages are safe, the doctoral recommendations, and the extensive benefits they serve, especially for the mother and baby. 

As the Name Indicates, Major Factors of Prenatal Massage

Massages designed for expectant mothers are specifically crafted for females anticipating newborns. It is a mild and unique type of massage that caters to the special needs and physical adjustments that happen during pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know:

As the Name Indicates, Major Factors of Prenatal Massage

Expert Professionals

Massages for expecting mothers are normally given by massage specialists who have received extra instruction in prenatal massage. They know about the body and heart changes during pregnancy and can change their methods accordingly.

Body Positioning

Massages for expecting mothers are regularly done with the anticipating mother lying on her side, utilizing pads and cushions to help align her body. This positioning guarantees solace and well-being for both the mother and the baby.

Gentle Techniques

The massage therapist will utilize delicate and comforting swipes to address regular pregnancy issues like back agony, swollen feet, and muscle strain. Deep tissue and extreme pressure strategies are ordinarily maintained during massages for expecting mothers.

Top 9 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

There are a variety of benefits. The right massage can provide various benefits to all pregnant women. Let’s discuss some of the major ones.

Top 9 Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Build Bonds

Pregnancy massage is one or another way of building a connection between both mother and baby. There are a few massaging techniques for the enhancement of the bonds. However, the techniques might include deep breathing and imagination. Massage doesn’t really only help to build bonds and relax but also can be very useful to bring pregnancy glow to your face. 

Vanish Away Anxiety

A woman goes through intense changes both physically and mentally. Thus, these changes can bring anxiety in a woman’s body. To reduce the level of anxiety and body tension, pregnancy massage is an excellent option to get on. It helps soften the tissues and allows the mom’s body to relax. 

Massages for moms can bring emotional stability by allowing them to gain focus and calmness as it stimulates the blood circulation in the body and auntie all the muscle knots. It can be the day off from all the duties and can promote healing processes in the body. 

Help to Sleep

Pregnancy massages are very beneficial as they help to improve sleeping patterns, which leads to relaxation of the nervous system. It reduces tension, smoothens down the stiff muscles of the body, and leads to deep sleep. 

Balances Oedema

Carrying a growing baby significantly strains the upper and lower extremities. It’s common for swelling to develop in the feet, ankles, calves, or hands as a result of this increased pressure. The body works hard during this time of transformation. Thankfully, massage offers soothing support. Pain from puffiness can be eased by gently stimulating lymph flow and fluid removal. Congested areas drain more efficiently with this solution. 

Additionally, lactic acid and other fatigue-causing byproducts filter out through massage. This provides further benefit by reducing muscle tightness or tiredness. Therapeutic sessions thus alleviate symptoms on multiple fronts. For expectant mothers facing these normal yet uncomfortable challenges, such relief provides welcome comfort.

Comfort Bodily Changes

It is understood that the adaptations occurring within a woman’s body during childbearing often lead to muscular strains in different regions. The back, shoulders, neck, various joints, hips, and limbs – nearly the entire form can be impacted by aches, tightness, or tenderness.

Therapeutic massage for moms-to-be helps relieve such distress. Skilled hands decrease issues like general soreness, tightness, spasms, and rigidity. Other frequent complaints such as headaches, swelling, leg cramps, or sciatic nerve irritation similarly respond positively. More conditions involving carpal tunnel, pelvic area pain points, or structural instability may also be relieved through massage. 

Balance Hormones And Control BP

Prenatal massage provides a gentle means of assisting blood flow and the additional workload of the heart during pregnancy. This, in turn, helps regulate blood pressure. Massage also aids the lymphatic and circulatory systems in removing fatigue-causing toxins, leaving one feeling energized. Improving the smooth muscles normalizes the proper draining of the veins. With better drainage and circulation, a woman finds increased stamina yet less tiredness. The baby receives optimum nourishment as well. 

Hormonal fluctuations during this phase commonly bring stress or imbalance to a mother’s emotions. However, massage offers calming relief from such challenges and fosters a more optimistic view of the pregnancy journey overall. Through simple, natural techniques, balance is nurtured within both mind and body.

Relief from Shortness of Breath

As the growing baby occupies more space within the abdomen, it can leave less room for the diaphragm and lungs to expand fully. This may result in shortness of breath or rib discomfort. Pregnancy massage directly addresses the intercostal muscles between the ribs through breathing techniques. Applying pressure helps relax these muscles, enabling easier, deeper inhales and exhales.

Developing Awareness to Support Changes

During pregnancy, the body undergoes constant modification and necessitates steadfast support across each trimester and for labor. Regular prenatal massage cultivates attunement to one’s form. Over time, a deeper understanding emerges of areas of strain and effective self-care.

Beyond releasing tension, it helps re-establish correct posture and enhances flexibility and range of joint movement. Such benefits prove particularly important in the third trimester and for an efficient delivery.

Preparing Body and Mind for Birth

Be proactive in readying oneself for labor by tapping into inner reserves of fortitude and presence of mind. Consistent, meditative breathing cultivates composure and command, accessing vitality and focus – invaluable assets for one’s labor efforts. Prenatal massage promotes visualization and breathing strategies to employ in anticipation of delivery.

Massage further increases cognizance and comprehension of pelvic dimensions, aiding preparation for a healthy birthing. By addressing posture, core strength, and pliancy, the baby can navigate to the most natural position. Equipping both physical form and mental resilience cultivates confidence for confidently receiving new life as the body undergoes its purposeful transformation.

During labor, massage reduces the stress hormones and tension that interfere with the normal process of birth. You can improve your chance for shorter, more positive labor with less need for interventions and medications.

Safe If You Choose The Right Therapist!

You must be wondering whether there is any qualification required to be a masseuse. Well, your answer is yes! To be a trained masseuse, you must have an educational diploma of around 500 hours. However, the training varies for various purposes, such as for healing injuries and pregnant people. Yet, it totally depends on how much hands-on experience they gain, along with attending specialized training sessions from time to time.

Once they are qualified enough for the profession, they are provided with certificates and diplomas by the national associations. In fact, if you are looking for a professional pregnancy masseuse, you must look for the big spas offering specified massages, require all about the one with whom you are going to get the appointment, and make sure you are in safe hands. 

However, you must ask for recommendations from any of your personal doctors who are looking after your pregnancy. 

How Do Casual Massages Affect During Pregnancy?

Well, normally, it is totally fine if you get a gentle massage from your partner or any of your friends. It helps to strengthen the bonds. But when it comes to pregnancy, you need to be highly careful regarding everything from food intake to the massage you ask for, as your body fluids are totally in a different state. In that situation, you must require a modified massage, and to some extent, you must individualize it as well. 

The concept behind personalization is there are various pregnant women who have different areas where they feel high pressure during pregnancy. This shows the importance of your deep discussion with your therapist. 

Circumstances In Which You Avoid Pregnancy Massages

Well, there are no such scientific guidelines generated regarding pregnancy messages. Many gynecologists from the West really don’t agree with the massage approaches as they believe it wouldn’t be healthy for both mother and baby. However, to avoid any inconvenience, it is important to consult with the doctor to get the best possible advice. 

Circumstances In Which You Avoid Pregnancy Massages

However, there are various other reasons as well, specifically for which you must avoid massages. 

  • If you have a risky pregnancy, you are at any chance of miscarriage.
  • Apart from a high risk of miscarriage, you have a risky pregnancy with other higher complications, such as abruption of the placenta or preterm labor. 
  • In another case, if you feel nauseous or annoyed, you must avoid massage as well. 
  • There are various qualified and good spas and massage centers that require liability waivers, consent, or approval certificates before performing a pregnancy massage.  

Bottom Line

Meridian Spa offers a variety of services for pregnant females alongside offering pregnancy spa days as well. Being in the wellness sector allows them to have the maximum hold on the qualified professional masseuse. In fact, the trained staff with better communication and dealing skills will enable them to handle pregnant moms in a better way. 

Meridian Spa’s therapeutic massage reduces swelling, potency discomforts, and joint pain and enhances bedtime. The experienced masseuse allows you to stay cozy and energetic till labor. Call now to make an appointment or reserve a seat for the pregnancy spa day. Cherish every moment of your pregnancy duration with comfort.


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