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How to Apply Lip Scrub?

How to Apply Lip Scrub

Dry and chapped lips are a year-long issue many people face. The dehydration and heat in the summer cause the lips to become dry and scaly. Whereas in winter, the cold temperature can leave the lips dry and hard. Less water intake or lack of care can lead to dry, scaly, and chapped lips. 

Moreover, with everyday makeup and lipstick application, the upper layer of the skin on the lips gets cracky and starts peeling off. Lipstick on cracked and dry lips does not give a smooth application and is visually unappealing. 

Thus, it is vital to use exfoliants like lip scrubs on the lips to ensure their smoothness, softness, and suppleness. In this blog, we will uncover how to apply a lip scrub, how often to use a lip scrub, and everything that you need to know to ensure soft and supple lips! 

What Is A Lip Scrub, and Why Is It Important?

So, what does a lip scrub do? Like any other exfoliant, a lip scrub exfoliates the skin, removing the top dead skin layer and revealing healthier skin from beneath. Revealing the soft skin, lip scrubs give your lipsticks and other products a smooth surface to glide on without seeming clumpy and scattered. 

It is essential to have flawless lips if you are a person who likes using matte finish lip products, as they deeply adhere to the skin and can show the texture of your skin. You can also remove dry and itchy flakes off your lips that become uncomfortable over time. But how different is a lip scrub from everyday body scrubs, and why can’t you use the same scrub on your lips and body?

Well, quite obviously, the skin of our lips is more sensitive and easy to damage. Thus, lip scrubs are formulas specially designed for the soft and sensitive skin on the lips. They are more gentle on the skin but effectively restore the softness of the lips. 

How to Properly Use a Lip Scrub to Avoid Problems?

Lip scrubs usually contain small and grainy particles that remove the dead and flaky skin from the lips when applied with light pressure using your finger. Let’s get into the steps of using a lip scrub correctly:

1. Scoop some lip scrub from its container using your finger

Your fingers can assist you greatly in using a lip scrub the best way. Clean your hands first, and then using your finger, take some scrub out of the container and apply it directly onto your lips. It generally depends upon the condition of your lips and how bad they have gotten to determine whether your lips will improve with a one-time application.  

It is also essential not to use lip scrub on wounded, deeply cracked, or sore lips to prevent infection. Allow your lips to heal before using scrubs. This way, you can get the most effective results post-lip scrubbing. 

2. Gently and Evenly Scrub Your Lips

After applying the product to your lips, scrub your lips evenly using just one finger and gentle pressure. Make sure to scrub your lips thoroughly, but don’t compromise on gentleness! Take your time and give both lips equal attention so that the dry and dead skin cleanses off properly. 

Use circular motions, and if/when needed, wet your finger to activate the scrub if it gets too dry. The key here is to keep the scrub smooth to glide easily on your lips. 

3. Use Your Lip Friction 

After you are done using your finger, you can finish the scrubbing off by using both your lips and rubbing them together in a circular motion. This way, you can scrape away the dead skin and reveal the soft skin that was not visible before. 

4. Wash it Off

When you feel like you have scrubbed your lips enough, wash the product off your lips and the dead skin. And if your lips scrub is edible, you can simply lick it off, but that would mean eating your dead skin, which does not seem like the best idea. 

Well, whichever way you decide, do it, and enjoy your soft and supple lips!

5. Always Moisturise 

Moisturising your lips post-scrubbing is crucial to retain the softness of your unveiled skin. Use a hydrating lip balm to allow your skin to retain moisture and remain soft and plump. Look for products that seal the moisture in the skin and help with healing. 

Various Reasons to Use Lips Scrubs

We have discovered the right ways to scrub lips and the dos and don’ts of lip scrubbing. Now, let’s get into the various benefits of lip scrubs and why a person should stick to lip exfoliation. 

1. Get Smoother Lips

With the use of lip scrubs, you can get smoother lips. Scrubbing removes the dead, flaky, and cracked skin off the lips revealing smoother and softer skin that looks far better than having chapped lips. Moreover, this act works as an exfoliant and rejuvenates the delicate skin of the lips. 

2. Hydrate Your Lips

It is vital to restore skin hydration to keep it youthful and glowing. Since lips are sensitive and the skin quickly loses moisture, restoring the skin’s hydration barrier is essential. This is where lip scrubbing helps as it helps lip products, like balms, to penetrate deeper into the skin. Give your lips a much-needed dose of hydration with lip scrubbing. 

3. Better Application 

With dry and dead skin off the lips to make them appear clumpy, you can put your lipsticks and other products with a better application. Lipsticks on chapped lips do not look appealing and can even look bad if the skin condition is terrible. Moreover, your lip products last longer when the skin is smooth and soft.

4. Ensure Lip Health

With regular lip scrub, you can ensure and improve the overall health of your lips and minimise the appearance of dead flakes on the skin. 

Additionally, taking a few minutes to pamper yourself with a lip scrub can be a great way to unwind and de-stress. So, add this to your self-care regime and enjoy softer, plumper, and more beautiful lips. 

How Often Should You Use Lip Scrub?

Skin condition is a significant factor in deciding when and how often you should use a lip scrub. If the question “how often should i use a lip scrub?” pops up in your head and you cannot find the correct answer, fear not! Because we are here to unveil this for you! 

For instance, if you lose lips moisture and hydration quite quickly, gentle exfoliation every day before bedtime is an optimal solution. However, if you dont have to face this condition regularly, exfoliating and scrubbing your lips every other day or whenever necessary is okay. The key is to end your lip scrubbing routine with moisturisation, so the new hydration penetrates deep into the skin and heals it. 


Lip scrubbing, like other skin care measures, is vital for a neat, tidy, and fresh look every day. Let your lips talk with smoother, softer, and even skin. Start today and get rid of clumpy, flaky, and peeling lips to feel and look better. 


1. Do you use lip scrub on wet or dry lips?

Always wet your lips (wetting them prevents abrasive friction). Then, apply your store-bought lip scrub or homemade mixture directly onto damp lips to make it easier to slide on and gently exfoliate the skin using a circular motion for better results. 

2. Can I use lip scrub daily?

How often a person should scrub his lips depends greatly on the skin condition. Scrubbing with gentle hands daily is okay if you get flaky lips quickly. But don’t overdo it to avoid red, raw, and bleeding skin. 

3. Does lip scrub make lips pink?

Gentle exfoliation can help remove dry skin, which can be a reason for a dull, rough appearance. It can also stimulate circulation, resulting in temporary pink lips.



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